Andres Iniesta is a mature footballer, who has been around for both good days and bad days and knows how to evaluate his performances:

"Look, it's clear that I would like to score more goals. I keep trying to improve in every aspect of the game, but my evaluation of myself doesn't depend on scoring goals or not." "I don't judge my performances through statistics. I know how I play and how I feel. I know when I can give more of myself or play better. Scoring more would help my team, but that would only make my performances different for other people. I feel the confidence my coach and my teammates have in me", Andres added.

Asked about having to reinvent himself under Luis Enrique this season, Iniesta said he's always been the same way: "I've always understood football in a very clear way, both before and now. I've worked in the same way to gain my place and be able to play for Barça and the national team. I'll keep playing like I feel. This hasn't changed. Some details may be different, but I don't perceive them; in order to play I have to be at 200% and I try to do my best in function of what the coach asks of me."

Talking about a different style Barça has adopted this season, the Spanish midfielder said: "Before we controlled the games more. It is different. But it has not changed that much; there are just situations that are not the same. From season to season, we have always changed, there have always been adjustments. My only idea is to play football and try to enjoy it the most I can."

"I suffer when I have to suffer, but I enjoy what I do. I am able to suffer. I have always worked. The thing is that people seem to think that before we did not run and we did, of course we did. If you don't run, you don't play; it has been this way all my life, at Barça and everywhere else", Iniesta added.

He then continued the idea about the team's "mutation" this season: "In the end, we have been playing the same way for a long time and you can add different characteristics to this; in attack we mare faster so we can take advantage of the forwards we have. If you have 3 beasts upfront why wouldn't you activate them? But we also tried to do this before; we've always had very good forwards. What happens is that at times we lack a bit of patience because you don't always manage to have control. But the team has grown; people say that we have the capacity to win 3 titles... And we're coming from a season in which we didn't win anything, with a team that has been 'rebuilt'. We have a new coach, new players: there's a process of growth and we're on a positive trend."

Moving on to the subject Messi, Andres said it's hard to explain Messi: "Each week he does things that only he knows how to do. For me the biggest thing is that he's just 27 and that he makes the extraordinary look normal."

Asked about being a team veteran now, Iniesta was said he feels almost like an old man: "I've always assumed my responsibility. I'm a very responsible man. I've never felt like my teammates look at me as a leader. I feel responsible and I feel like a veteran.... almost an old man"

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