FC Barcelona fined for the whistling during the anthem at the Copa del Rey final

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FC Barcelona fined for the whistling during the anthem at the Copa del Rey final

The Anti-Violence Committee in Spain have proposed a €66,000 fine for FC Barcelona because of the whistling of the Spanish national anthem that happened before the Copa del Rey final at the Camp Nou. Both the Catalan fans and the Athletic Bilbao supporters whistled the anthem heavily.

Barcelona have been fined for two different reasons. The first part is a €60,000 fine for "breaching the obligations required in the design and implementation of the safety measures and access controls of prohibited objects (including flares) inside the sports arena."

The other €6,000 are for the "inaction and lack of cooperation shown with respect to the prior notice made by several groups that expressly advised they were going to perform various acts of political protest, with intolerant content, using the game."

Athletic was also fined, but with just €18,000.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), who organized the event, received the highest penalty proposed - €123,000.

The Catalunya Acció platform must pay €100,000 as "an instigator of the whistling, including the distribution of whistles made to maximize it."

FC Barcelona has announced that it rejects the decision and will take legal measures to fight it. The club’s statement said:

"FC Barcelona consider the proposed €6,000 fine dictated by the Anti-Violence Committee for for alleged inaction against a political protest, during the last final of the Copa del Rey played at the Camp Nou unjust and unacceptable.

FC Barcelona openly and bluntly rejects the decision of Anti-Violence Committee and announces that it will launch the appropriate legal procedures to annul this proposed penalty.

FC Barcelona recalls once again that it will defend the freedom of expression of its members and fans and that the events at the Camp Nou were the reflection of a feeling, not organized or encouraged by the entity, but which the club fully respects, as has been expressed in the appeal presented.

Regarding the proposed penalty of 60,000 euros for an alleged breach of the required security obligations, the club will also present the relevant appeals."


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