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Denis Suárez: For Sevilla it is a dream to be here and to take part in a big final against Barça

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Denis Suárez: For Sevilla it is a dream to be here and to take part in a big final against Barça

Ahead of the European Super Cup in Tbilisi on August 11th, Denis Suárez spoke to about what this game means for him.

The midfielder was very proud of the success that La Liga teams have had in Europe in recent years: “We work very hard in Spain at all levels, which is good for young players like me – we are constantly monitored and coached. Also I think the Spanish league is the most competitive in the world, with teams boasting the best players in the world. Last season was a good example, with five teams fighting for a Champions League place until the very last moment. That competitiveness is one of the key factors.”

Asked about his models in the game, Suárez chose World Cup winners Andrés Iniesta and David Silva, adding that “there are other players I admire a lot here – José Antonio Reyes and Éver Banega. I really like playing with them, we have a good understanding.”

When talking about what this game would mean for him personally, the Spaniard said: “I really can't wait. For us it is a dream to be here and to take part in a big final against Barça. It will be a special match for me because I played for Barça – it is where everyone taught me to always strive for first place. They will be favorites but I believe it will be competitive and that we’ll have chances to win. I hope we manage to beat them. It would be brilliant to win this competition against Barça as they are the European champions and also won the treble. It would be absolutely tremendous for us and our fans.”

Suárez was also full of praise for Luis Enrique’s team: “It will be a very difficult match, Barça are unquestionably the best team in the world right now. They will most likely have the majority of possession, but we will also have to be extremely careful whenever we have the ball as their counterattack is lethal. However, we'll have chances like in our last Liga meeting [in April]. We were losing 2-0 [in that match] yet we managed to draw by converting our opportunities. That match can be a good reference point. Messi, Suárez, and Neymar are the best in the world, especially Messi who is the one who makes the difference – he really is the best player out there. It is something else to be able to challenge them for the Super Cup.”


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