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De Jong: 'I would really like to play with Messi someday'

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De Jong: 'I would really like to play with Messi someday'

The young Dutchman once again leaves a clear message to the pursuing Barcelona

De Jong was the final piece of the puzzle for Barcelona in the last transfer window, but unfortunately it didn't happen and we will have to wait at least until 2019 for that to happen. Overmars confirmed that Ajax didn't receive any formal offers for the young player, but Barça's insistence to reach a deal lasted for two months until it was clear he wasn't going to leave the Netherlands for Catalonia.

Speaking to Ajax TV, he was asked which player he would like to play with someday, answering: "If you end up at a top club you will play with world class players, but if I had to choose I would really like to play with Messi someday."

Frenkie once again showed his admiration for Barcelona, after claiming Pep's side was the best in history, and continuously praising Messi. If everything falls into place, he'll be part of the squad soon enough.


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