In an interview with ‘Globosporte’, Alves said that he is very happy at Barça: "My heart’s happy where it is, with what I’ve got and with the colours which I defend. Staying at Barça doesn’t depend solely on me. I’m going to honour my part of the deal because I have the same good intentions as I had when I first arrived at Barcelona. I haven’t signed a pre-contract with anyone; I’ve decided to live for the moment and that moment is now. We are alive in three competitions and I would like to end my contract with silverware and a with a good taste in my mouth. I’ll accept whatever happens after that."

Dani also talked about his good relationship with Luis Enrique, saying "we're similar, in how we think and act. We both act with naturality and spontaneity."

Alves then spoke of the dressing room environment and about the tensions that can arise: "Life within the dressing room is worse than family life. We share more time together with the squad than we do with our own families; if, at times, with members of our own family – our own flesh and blood, we go through problems, imagine what it’s like within a dressing room. You can’t avoid it; problems arise because we are all competitive and all of us want to win and when you want to win, you’re leaving yourself open to conflicts."

“FC Barcelona isn’t a Picasso which you look at, admire and say, ‘what a great painting!’. First you have to create the painting –with all the difficulties that is involved; you need to select the colours you want to use and then have inspiration. Problems are normal and the bad moments serve us to appreciate the good times. All problems turn into something positive eventually and if they help us to go on to win something then even better,” Dani added.

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