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Dani Alves: I’m committed to the team 200% but with the club, 10%

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Dani Alves: I’m committed to the team 200% but with the club, 10%

The outspoken Barcelona right back has stated yesterday that his future is uncertain: “I have several options, but I’m going to make a decision after the Champions League Final, not before, because otherwise I will get distracted.”

He then continued: “If I’m here today, it is because I’ve been hearing all this nonsense and rubbish. They have been disrespectful to me and I have a limit. Each individual publishes his own interpretations in the newspapers, according to his interests. I have reached my limit. I don’t want to reply to anyone in particular but to defend myself from all the things they are saying.”

Alves was emphatic: “At this point, my continuation at Barcelona is ruled out. If the club wants me to continue they know what they have to do. I keep saying I’d like to continue but not at any price and I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about respect. No one else in my position has done what I have done for this club. If they do not respect me, I will look for another club.”

The Brazilian has stated how he currently feels in the press conference: “I have both feet inside the team and one foot, my body and my head outside the club. I’m committed to the team 200 percent but with the club, 10 percent. I’m not going to accept them undervaluing what I do and what I’ve done for this club. It has cost me a great deal and I have worked a lot, but the club has not appreciated me, it has not acknowledged my worth.”

“The club didn’t want to renovate my contract, neither a year nor six months ago. Until they knew about the FIFA ban. They have been wanting me to continue for the last three months. The president already knows what he must do in order for me to stay. If he does it, fine. If he doesn’t, too bad,” Alves said about the renewal negotiations.

“My last conversation with the president was less than a month ago, but we talked about things that didn’t matter even to me so they don’t matter to you either. I’m not blackmailing the club, I am defending what is mine. I’d defend it anywhere else because you got to work so hard for it, to throw it all to the trash just like that,” he added.

The Blaugrana player has admitted that he has contract offers from other clubs: “I don’t like to compare but other clubs value me more than they do in Barça. Barcelona’s renewal offer loses by a mile,” he concluded.


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