Daily Covers - 27/03/16

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Daily Covers - 27/03/16

El Clásico buildup and Barcelona's homage to Johan Cruyff

Cruyff is everyone now.

Casillas in the periscope, he returns between the posts after De Gea's exhibition vs Italy. Koke asks why Spain can't win the Euros. James Rodríguez stands out with Colombia looking for a place in El Clásico's XI; worldwide tribute to Johan Cruyff.

The Johan Cruyff Memorial, over 15 thousand people visited the Camp Nou to honor the Dutchman, Florentino Pérez, Espanyol, Puigdemont and everyone Barça were present. Jordi Cruyff and Cardoner have agreed on homages to the player by the club and Cruyff's family; Suárez scores against Neymar in his return to Uruguay; Dani Jarque's #21 will be used again; Sergi Roberto starts for a Spain that will have 4 Barça starters and none from Real Madrid.

Del Bosque: "The players that come to the national team later perform better for their clubs." 10 changes in the XI vs Romania; the football world cried for Cruyff's loss at the Camp Nou; the Real Madrid fans prefer Keylor over De Gea; Atleti has no fit centre backs to face Barça; seven players prioritised El Clásico above national team duty.

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