Daily Covers 27/05/16

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Daily Covers 27/05/16

Dani Alves is gone, Berardi as Barça's fourth striker and the Madrid UCL final hype

There's no going back, all details of Alves to Juventus revealed. They'll sign the contract soon, even after dismissing the rumors, the player agreed to leave last Sunday, he has refused Mourinho at Manchester United and offers from China of €15m/year, Barça is unhappy he didn't inform the club, Bellerin would cost €40m as the replacement. Mourinho will be announced as Manchester United coach.

Berardi, the 4th striker. The Italian at Sassuolo is well liked, was at Barcelona and talked with the club, Braida and other four of Robert's team already watched him live in 2016. Davinson, a centre back for the future is tied down, Alves has no deal with Juve, Barça wants to retain Mascherano. Atleti arrives acclaimed in Milan.

Champions Madrileña, Milan dresses up to receive the Madrid clubs. Atleti arrived yesterday and Madrid arrives today. Cristiano says he wouldn't change the double for the UCL, many good players don't have it. UEFA doesn't allow Atleti to play in blue.

The specialists in playing finals and winning them. Torres won eight of the nine finals he played, Benzema aims to win his eigth final in seven seasons at Real Madrid. Mourinho is a Red Devil.

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