Daily Covers - 20/05/16

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Daily Covers - 20/05/16

The Esteladas issue, Suárez the humble kind and an interview with Oblak

Suárez, the humble king. "In the dressing room there are two roosters and a little chicken. When Messi and Neymar start to play, I take distance not the get in their way." The Uruguayan now seeks the Spansh Cup after being the key man in the league win with 14 goals in 5 matches. Navarro will stay with Barça Basket for two more seasons; Bartomeu will go to the final even with the esteladas prohibition, and Tebas say the flags are a symbol of the destruction of Spain.

The final of champions, the two biggest winners in Europe since 2006 face off in a fantastic final after winning the league and Europa League. Bartomeu will go to Madrid and the club appeals; Keylor asks for his wages to be doubled before the UCL final.

The judge decide today about the esteladas, Barça and the association of rights appeal the decision made by the committee in Madrid. Tebas say the flags are a symbol of the destruction of Spain; Bartomeu will go to the match but not if he will be in the boxs; Sevilla could make the double at the Calderón; Griezmann will renew before the Euros with a new €100m clause; Cristiano fights for the Golden Ball with Suárez and Messi in Milan.

The Zamora Oblak speaks with Marca: "We have to win the final. I hope the Atleti fans are proud of me, and the coach is the most important on this team." Tiago renews until 2017; Coke says he's no hero, just as happy as he's ever been; the Esteladas issue disturbs the cup final; Zidane invites his men to a pre-UCL barbecue.

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