Daily Covers - 17/05/16

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Daily Covers - 17/05/16

Barcelona eyeing the double as Real Madrid has a right over De Gea and Del Bosque's Euros list

The Double dream, Neymar says he wants the Spanish Cup after La Liga and they are super motivated. Sport analysis Barça's model in the 21st century, a guarantee of success. Barça offers €7m for Las Palmas CB Lemos.

Double Objective, Barça starts to prepare for the Spanish Cup final today, Suárez is the ultimate weapon to win Barça's 7th double. Abelardo achieves his second miracle at Sporting Gijón; Las Palmas refuses a €4m + €8m in add-ons for Las Palmas' CB Lemos.

De Gea is still waiting for Real Madrid, Manchester United is obligated to sell if Real Madrid makes a €50m offer, the clause lasts until June 15th. Zidane prepares a mini pre-season before the Milan final. Sevilla wants glory and money in Basel, if they beat Liverpool there's a guarantee of €43.25m between this and next season. Del Bosque reveals his Euros list today; Griezmann says he's close to renew and he'd tell Real Madrid he's happy at Atleti.

The questions that 45m coaches ask Del Bosque today: Diego Costa will be called up? Casillas or De Gea? Will Torres go? Who's the third CB option? Will Saúl go? What's the alternative to Busquets? Juanfran or Carvajal? One or two strikers to start? Will Del Bosque continue? Alberto Moreno says he will celebrate if he scores vs Sevilla; Real Madrid arrives at Milan with 7 less matches played than Atleti.

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