Daily Covers - 15/05/16

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Daily Covers - 15/05/16

Barcelona are La Liga champions!

Well deserved! Barça wins the league in a great wat and today they will celebrate in the Barcelona streets with the fans.

Campeones! Barça wins at Los Carménes their 24th league with a Suárez hattrick making it clear they're the best in Spain. Lucho wins their 2nd consecutive league; Suárez pichichi and Golden Boot; celebration on the streets of Barcelona today.

Celebrations in Granada, Suárez scored a hattrick and finishes as the Pichichi with 40 goals; Torres fine tunes his aim before Milan; Real Madrid tried until the end, Cristiano scored two and was subbed off at half time.

La Liga de Lucho, Barcelona are La Liga Champions 2015/2016! The sixth league in eight years, 24 in total, Suárez is the Pichichi and Golden Boot with 40 goals. Cristiano surpasses the 50 goal mark for the 6th season in a row, subbed off at half time after a foul on his foot.

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