Daily Covers 13/03/16

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Daily Covers 13/03/16

Barcelona's 6-0 thrashing of Getafe and Zidane's press conference featuring today

"Marvellous Vengeance - Barça puts their best costume and thrashes Getafe with an exhibition by Messi and Neymar. Atleti doesn't throw the towel, and Doellman, Barça's Captain America.

"Tremendous - Messi scored a golazo on the Madrileños and had a Xavi-life match, Neymar returned in form with a double and Munir scored in a spectacular evening." Diego Costa bites Barry and gets sent off. Kroos, Danilo and James don't travel to Las Palmas, Vázquez set to start.

"Winning isn't enough - Zizou asks for results and good football, Danilo, Kroos and James are rested." Diego Costa's disgrace, he spit at the referee's feet, made a biting gesture on a opponent and got sent off. Messi with a show, four assists, a golazo and a missed penalty in a easy evening for Barça. Stroll before the match vs PSV, Saúl, Griezmann and Correa score vs Depor.

"Zidane: I don't know if I'm going to be here next season". Atleti doesn't give up on the league, Getafe didn't do much and Messi misses his seventh penalty this year (mistake, it's this season). Sharapova with a nod to Nadal: "I didn't fake injury to hide my positive test."

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