Asked about Xavi, Sergio Busquets said: "It's very strange without him. Ever since I started with Barcelona and Spain, he has been there. We have gotten along wonderfully and he has been an example for everything—camaraderie for all he has done to help and support me."

"On a footballing level, it's been much more. For me, Xavi is the best Spanish footballer of all time, beyond everything for those who have had the conscience to watch football. His absence makes me feel very strange, but I have to get used to it," Sergio added.

Speaking of another legend, Carles Puyol, 'Busi' said: "I got along great with him, and we had a chat in which he told me he would like it if I took his number. For me it was a great honor for someone like Puyol, who is such a great person and footballer to give me that."

Busquets thinks that Spain have good chances to win titles again, after the disappointing World Cup they had last summer: "There are many great players, great generations. Hopefully we cover all the factors needed to return to winning titles and be at the top."

Asked if he feels different now in relation to the time when he made his debut for the national team, Sergio said: "I am the same as I was, but older, more experienced, with more games and having lived more."

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