Bravo: I didn't imagine this season to be this good

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Bravo: I didn't imagine this season to be this good

FC Barcelona goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo, has spoken in Cadena SER “Què t’hi jugues!”, confessing that he “didn’t imagine this season to be this good,” after winning the La Liga title.

Regarding Xavi’s departure to the Qatari Al Sadd club, Bravo said: “[Xavi] is an admirable person, a role model, an amazing player and we are going to miss him.” About Dani Alves’ renovation saga, he stated: “Alves has done a superb season and he will do so in the two upcoming finals. It’s his concern to come to an agreement with the club.”

The Chilean goalie praised Lionel Messi by saying that “[Messi] helps you a lot. He makes the whole team better because he influences his companions. It’s a privilege to have him on the squad, we have to be smart and look after him.”

Bravo keeps a good relationship with his countryman Arturo Vidal, who will face Barça in the Champions League final: “I always talk to Arturo Vidal. He’s very important to them and he gives his heart for them.” He also said it’s important to have a good vibe with the other Barcelona goalkeepers, ter Stegen and Masip: “The three goalies we get along really well. I’m the oldest one so when someone struggles I’m there to help them.”


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Source: Cadena SER