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Bartomeu will be Barcelona's president in the next six years

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Bartomeu will be Barcelona's president in the next six years

The candidate had 54% of the votes

After weeks of campaigning and debates between the four candidates, Josep Maria Bartomeu, Joan Laporta, Toni Freixa, and Agustí Benedito, the new President of FC Barcelona was elected today in what turned out to be a big day for Bartomeu, who ended up winning with a comfortable margin.

After many different polls throughout the day, Bartomeu ended up getting 54,63% of the votes, with his rival Laporta getting 33,03%, while Benedito and Freixa had to settle for 7,16% and 3,7% of the votes.

“The whole campaign has been intense and very productive for the club members,” Bartomeu said before the booths outside Camp Nou closed, reflecting over what must have been a very busy campaign for all candidates. Laporta congratulated Bartomeu, but promised that they wouldn’t give up:

Bartomeu will have the mandate of Presidency for the next six years. In 2021, a new election will be held, where the club members once again will have to return to the box ballets. Until then, Josep Maria Bartomeu will govern the Catalan club.


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