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Barcelona will face Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Cup semifinals

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Barcelona will face Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Cup semifinals

The Catalan club will have a tough encounter against the side from Madrid

Today was the draw of the Spanish Cup semifinals and lady luck has determined that FC Barcelona will battle versus Atlético de Madrid for a spot in the final game of the tournament. On the other side of the table, Celta de Vigo and Deportivo Alavés will define the other finalist of the Spanish Cup.

The first leg game will be at the Vicente Calderón stadium on February the 1st and the tie will be settled at the Camp Nou on February 7th. The matches order of the ties was determined by the sequence in which the balls were extracted, meaning that the first team out of the bowl got to play the first leg match at home.

The Spanish Cup final is scheduled to be played on Saturday, May 27th, unless one of the finalists arrives to the Europa League final which is programmed for Wednesday, May 24th. This could only happen if Celta de Vigo reach the final in both tourneys and in that case, the Spanish Cup final will be played on Sunday, May 28th.

After beating Real Sociedad and clinching the semis ticket, Luis Enrique said yesterday his favorite rival for a hypothetical final was Celta de Vigo. If everything runs smoothly for the Catalan and Galician sides, the coach’s wish may very well come true.

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