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Barça U14s squad nominated for the Best Sporting Moment of 2016

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Barça U14s squad nominated for the Best Sporting Moment of 2016

The Barcelona academy kids lead the public voting for their emotive gesture in the World Challenge Cup

It was the final game of the World Challenge Cup between Barcelona’s Infantil B (U14) squad and the Omiya Ardija Junior team. After the final whistle sealed the Blaugrana kids’ 1-0 victory, the winners erupted in joy and the losing side bursted into tears but what happened next was one of the best sporting moments of 2016:

Sergi Milà’s players gave a huge lesson in sportsmanship as the coach himself describes: “It’s a gesture which came from them and that honors them. I believe this should be used as an example and this kind of detail should be more common in the football world. This is a generation which has played together for many years and has the sportsmanship as one of its great values. It’s true they have won many tournaments because of their quality but they always do it with respect and the fair play we have taught them in the academy.”

For the first time ever, sports fans around the world can vote for the Laureus Awards in the Best Sporting Moment of 2016 category and the internet voting is being lead by the Barça boys remarkable story. You can check out the others nominees and also cast your vote at

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