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The Future Employer of Andres Iniesta

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The Future Employer of Andres Iniesta

The Barça legend is likely to be joining one of the Chinese super clubs

Andres Iniesta, captain of the Barcelona football team, was the center of attention during the team's victory at the Copa del Rey final in Madrid this past weekend, as he not only scored the team's fourth goal in their 5-0 win over Sevilla, but also as his announcement regarding his plans to play in China, after receiving an offer to do so, hangs in the balance.

Josep Maria Bartomeu told those assembled that Iniesta was entertaining an offer from a Chinese Super League club, which has been reportedly identified as the Chongqing Lifan squad. After the match, Iniesta indicated that his public-facing decision would be made soon.

That's why, during the game, fans from both teams showered adoration for Iniesta, applauding and singing for the star footballer when he entered into the game late into the match, as a tribute of sorts. You can learn more at scr888.

Iniesta told local sports outlets that he has many emotions to sort through, and his legacy in his current league -- and the image and brand he's built -- will factor heavily into the decision. That is on top of the love received from the fans, of course. But first, he wants to add another cup to his present league.

Iniesta, who will turn 34 years old this spring, is currently under a contract for life, but there is a clause in his contract that would allow him to leave his current club each year if he feels the opportunity is good for him.

Most people assume that the decision is an all but foregone conclusion. After his team's win against Sevilla, Barcelona went against the traditional norm of the two captains lifting the trophy, and Iniesta was instead asked to do the hoisting honors.

The team's win in the Copa del Rey final was the 31st club trophy won by Iniesta, over the course of his 16-year professional career with Barcelona. That adds to the two European Championships (2008 and 2012) and the 2014 World Cup with Spain that he's also been a part of.

He's far from a ceremonial player, at this point in his career; while he's never been known as a high-volume scorer, he has consistently been a playmaker for his team, and his recent play has shown no differently, including his efforts against Sevilla. The diminutive, 5'7" player has often been described as one of the most inspiration and bravest players the world has seen.

But his new (potential) employer offers Iniesta a lucrative opportunity to end his highly accomplished career. He's currently weighing an offer worth a staggering $45 million per year over the next three years, with an option for a fourth year. In addition, there are off-the-pitch opportunities as well. It's been reported that Iniesta family’s wine business – Bodega Iniesta – is looking to expand into China, which only happens to be the most populous nation in the world. Having that type of audience could leave him set for life -- more than he already be, anyway.

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