André Gomes: 'I had no doubts about joining Barcelona'

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André Gomes: 'I had no doubts about joining Barcelona'

The Portuguese footballer was officially presented and said coming to Barça is a dream come true

The newest Barcelona signing, André Gomes, was officially presented today in a press conference at the club facilities. Here's a recap of the presser gave by the Portuguese midfielder, the Technical Secretary, Robert Fernández, the Sporting Vicepresident, Jordi Mestre and the Professional Sports Director, Albert Soler.

André Gomes:

"I thank the board for signing me, they did everything for me to be here. I thank my family and my agents."

"It's an honor to wear this shirt, it's a dream for me and my family, I chose what I thought was the best option and I wasn't wrong."

"I had to choose the club that I thought was best for me and my family, I had no doubts, it was clear."

"When I found out that there was a chance to sign for Barça I was very happy that they trusted me, I had no doubts about coming."

"This is the best club for me to keep growing."

"It's true that there are great midfielders here. I want to grow and learn and they will be my references."

"I'm 22 and there's time for me to become a better player. I will work well and adapt fast."

"The important thing is what the coach will ask of me. I will have to adapt to the philosophy of the club and prove my quality."

"I don't care if I'll play on the left or on the right. We'll see how the adaptation goes."

"My dad got very emotional when he found out that Barça wanted me, he didn't know it would happen."

"The BDO clause? That's for later, not for now. Today I have to enjoy my transfer and I can't wait to start working."

"Barça over Madrid? Because of my personality, I liked Barça more, it fit better with my philosophy, my way of playing and personality. Barça and Madrid are different club concepts. Barça fit me better."

"I talked to Luis Enrique on the phone and he told me he was happy I was here, told me I will have to work."

"Messi, Neymar and Suárez are amazing, we have to "feed" all of them, I'll try to help them and do the best for them."

"The most important thing for me is to win trophies, I hope to win all the competitions."

"Messi and Cristiano are two great players, it's an honor that I get to play with both."

"Right now I'm not with the NT so the important thing is Messi and Barça, I want to enjoy all the stars of my new team."

"Messi and Iniesta are references for me, they mattered in my decision. At 22 years old, I want to enjoy this."

"Competition is very important. What I want most is to learn. I'd be wrong to think I was Messi. I have to make sacrifices and be humble."

"My family is my rock. Without them, I wouldn't be here. I want to thank them all. I'm fulfilling a dream."

"The number on the shirt doesn't play, I don't care about that."

"Negredo was a very important player for me and my growth at Valencia. His experience helped me in bad moments."

"I'll join the preseason on the 8th. Nothing is easy, that's clear. I'll try to give my best from the first day."

"I'm not thinking about the BDO. It's not an important thing. I just want to enjoy the best football."

"The most important thing for me was winning something with my country and I did that."

"The BDO can't be an obsession because you have players like Iniesta, who everyone enjoys, that never won it."

"I want to enjoy this day because it won't last forever. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life."

Robert Fernández:

"André has quality, youth, strength, he will help us in midfield and he wanted to come here."

"The forward will come when he has to come."

"There's a lot of speculation, but I've talked to the coach a lot and we know the profile of the forward we're looking for."

"The deal for André has nothing to do with those of other players that could go to Valencia."

"Montoya and Tello have a contract with the club and they have various offers."

"Arda's situation doesn't change. He's coming from a difficult year, but we're sure that his performance will be very good."

"We signed André because he's a good player. He's young and has to learn, he can progress a lot."

"The 22 years old thing is a coincidence. There's a lot of 22 years old player that won't ever come."

"We've been following André for a long time, this isn't something sudden."

"We have three starting forwards that are very good. That makes a signing difficult, but I wouldn't change this for anything."

"The forward will come. We have time until August 31st. We want to do it well."

"If I was a forward I'd come to Barça. You have to be ready to learn and take advantage of the opportunities."

"We've been trying to renew Mascherano for a while, but there were some scheduling problems. He's very important for us."

"André is a player that both Luis Enrique and I like. He has a huge potential and can play in various positions."

"André will have to earn his place. He knows where he came and what the difficulties are."

"We're not considering selling any midfielder. I hope Rafinha has an important participation in the team."

"The BDO clause was a part of the negotiations, we'd love for it to happen."

Jordi Mestre:

"André is 22 years old and follows the line of young players we've signed this summer."

"The forward will be the last signing of the window."

"We'd love to have to pay all these variables, because it would mean that André is a success here."

Albert Soler:

"The budget we had for this summer was based on a certain quantity, but if we saw an interesting opportunity we could act on it."

"Signing André wasn't a part of the initial plan, but we decided that this was the best moment to do it."

"André signs for 5 seasons, release clause of 100M, the cost was 35M fee + 20M in variables depending on his and the team's performance."

"There's also a maximum of 15M that will be paid to Valencia if he is a BDO finalist or winner."

"We can announce that we have reached a deal to renew Mascherano's contract for the next 3 seasons with an improved salary."

"Tomorrow Susana Monje will explain the economic situation of the club."

"The variables depend on games and minutes played. And also objectives achieved. A maximum of 20M."

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