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Agustí Benedito wants a debate of ideas not names

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Agustí Benedito wants a debate of ideas not names

The pre-candidate explained his social proposals for the presidential elections

Agustí Benedito exposed his social proposals before the media, containing 2 parts: “Management Model” and “Social Commitment”. Benedito announced as a key point “an audit on the club’s transparency made by external experts with an international guarantee. Since 2003 we haven’t achieved the desired levels of transparency.”

Other proposals in his presentation were “to inform of the advances of the electoral program because we understand that the members vote for ideas not for people”, “to make Barça a model institution in the social aspect”, “to merge all the club’s social programs in the Barça Foundation”, “to create Barça ambassadors, renowned former players, who support these socials programs” and “to cooperate with the non-profit Catalans organizations because they have proven experience in the area.”

Benedito continued: “I want a campaign focused on ideas instead of names because that diverts the proposals content. I want to know what they’ll do, not who is going to do it, that’s essential. We will do some required exceptions but very few of them,” said the businessman.

In that sense he talked about Laporta’s announcement of Éric Abidal as his Sporting Manager if he wins the elections: “We had talked in depth with Abidal,” said Benedito, who praised the Frenchman’s “talent and human quality,” but thinks doesn’t have the profile for the role.

He assured that in the conversations held with the former Barcelona player, they have always envisioned him as a club ambassador before UEFA and others europeans institutions: “He told us he also saw himself more comfortable in that role because he knows Michel Platini.”

Regarding Laporta’s appearing in the electoral scenario, Benedito said “he will talk little” about the others candidacies and that “he respects the adversaries’ strategies.”

In spite of this declaration of principles, he did talk about Laporta: “I saw him convincing, loose, confident and very secure he will win the elections. I saw the true Laporta, the one I remembered.”

Benedito doesn’t understand why the media sees this electoral race just from the Laporta’s or Bartomeu’s perspective: “Do I see myself as a choice? It seems this election is just between Laporta and Bartomeu. It must be because they don’t read the polls, they don’t know more than 8,000 socís voted for us in the last elections or that we got between 15 and 20% of voting intentions.”

Benedito doesn’t think a harsh campaign can damage the club: “Truth never hurts, you can tell it as long as you do it within some boundaries.” And he believes also that Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell are indivisible: “Sandro is behind Bartomeu candidacy, that’s for sure, because they have never separated from each other. The penyas are receiving phone calls from Rosell, asking the support and vote for Bartomeu.”

In this presentation, Benedito also remembered the bond between the club and the Catalan society as a fundamental feature: “The catalanism and its civic duties are basic elements of the club” and he considers “the club has to be perceived as a valuable tool to the Catalan society.”

“Without Barça, Catalunya wouldn’t be the same. The club is a key element of our identity. FC Barcelona must be seen as an institution built by the Catalans and that it keeps its democratic, plural and transversal character.”


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