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Agustí Benedito: Everyone who wants to be a Barça member will be able to do so

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Agustí Benedito: Everyone who wants to be a Barça member will be able to do so

The pre-candidate presented his social program

Agustí Benedito, a pre-candidate for presidency of FC Barcelona, has presented the social part of his electoral program, which includes 10 main points that are, in his words, “for the true club owners, the more than 150,000 members”.

“Now is the time to take very important decisions which greatly affect the club’s model”, said Benedito, who believes that the previous administration took measures that affected socís’ conditions.

Among other ambitions, Benedito wants to “transform the connection of the board” with the socís and create greater access to the club for its members. His 10 proposals are as follows:

- Everyone who wants to be a Barça member will be able to do so, without any conditions other than to present himself in person in the Club’s offices for the formalities.

- In order to be able to participate in any ticket request procedure, the person must have one year as a club member. As Benedito says, “There are people that become socís just for the tickets lottery and then drop out the club.”

- Involve the socís in club management by regulating the referendum and consultations call. “We want to take decisions shared by the social mass”.

- Allow the free access to children under seven years old with a companion, to the stadium and the Palau. “We have received many complaints about this and it’s an issue that impacts us dearly. Is it about helping the entrance to children or making it harder? It’s important for the socís to bring their children to the stadium.”

- Help socís join the team at away matches by revising the price policies. “There are many people who want to join the team and barriers are placed before them. We want to eliminate them.”

- Link the cost of season tickets, with current rates as a baseline, to the inflation rate.

- The season ticket will, once again, include the Spanish Super Cup match.

- During the season there will be 10 matches offered at a 50 percent discount for members without season tickets.

-Changing a season ticket between unrelated socis will require, as the sole requisite, payment of the equivalent three years’ fees.

-Eliminate the payment required for socís when they get a season ticket via waiting list.

Of Joan Laporta’s announcement to stand for election, Benedito said: “I congratulate him. It benefits us all, it will be a passionate election. There will be rich debates.” He also revealed recent poll data that shows “Bartomeu leads Laporta by a six or seven point margin, 30% to 23-25%. We are third with 16-18% and the other pre-candidates with smaller percentages.”

Benedito added that he wouldn’t consult with the socís regarding the honorary presidency of Johan Cruijff, because “this ... is not established in the club’s statutes and we are not going to modify them.”

Benedito sees something similar to the previously proposed Grada d’Animacio with proper security measures. Regarding reselling of tickets, he “understands there are socís who are having a hard time (financially) and they get a ticket which they can sell for 2,000 euros, but there must be an immediate action. I won’t expel them but there will be a window for important sanctions. It cannot be a parallel market”.


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