Douglas’ recent injury is but another argument against selling Adriano. The Brazilian has all the skills a secondary role player must have and when he is on the pitch he’s at the performance level of the starting XI, which is no small feat.

He’s able to play on both sides whether in the right or left. He has an enviable powerful long-distance shot, being one of the full backs who frequently tries long-range shots. And he does so from both wings, making him unpredictable and difficult to defend by the opponents. Adriano also adapts himself greatly in short spaces. He passes, conducts and associates with intelligence in the most demanding position from a technical and tactical point of view: the centre back.

He came from Sevilla being also an option as a winger, given his verticality and ability to go from the second line to the oppositions box. He’s smart, that’s why even Tito Vilanova used him as a centre back, debuting in this position against Real Madrid and with a title at stake.

He understands the game, dominates spaces and most importantly, he knows how to perform his role to the fullest. The coaches always said that when the players get on the pitch, they want to see a playing idea and not just 11 men. Well, Adriano is not selfish, he’s always ready for action when the team needs him, and he does it with confidence and firmness.

The options are: Mathieu, who is not on a technical level required for an FC Barcelona full back, a position in which Luis Enrique himself recognized him being as “just another midfielder.” Vermaelen, who has less turning and twisting abilities, is a question mark. The Belgian proved in this preseason that he still lacks in the Barça playing style. And Sergi Roberto, the newest invention, whom very few can tell how effective he could be against top opposition in competitive matches, much different to the ones played in the U.S. tour.

Adriano means safety, experience, knowledge of the club’s model, and an accepted role. If he is really willing to leave, then the club should not oppose his wishes. He deserves so because of his behavior and performance in the past seasons. However, the coach’s demands are clear: he counts on every player, if you want one of them pay the release clause. They can negotiate but the Brazilian should stay in Barça at least for another year. Then Grimaldo will step up.

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Albert is a qualified coach by UEFA, you can follow him on Twitter.