Any little detail that affects Messi becomes, automatically, a matter of national importance. He misses the two Argentina friendlies and we hold our breath. He stays in New York due to his national team’s contractual obligations and when Martino decides not to play him, there are some who almost gave the coach a medal of honor for his services. Last week, the culé world revolved around his swollen foot. Mostly unfounded speculations and media talk. It is a scary thought that Messi could return to his injury-ridden season when he is finally back and showing even more of his genius. Like Valdano said, the best player in history is Messi, and the second best, an injured Messi. In the Barça fan universe, there will never be enough gifts to thank Cristiano Ronaldo for declaring that he wants to match Messi’s four Golden Balls. Because of the Portuguese’s cockiness , Leo has recovered his ambitions and transcended his limits. Meanwhile, Barcelona itself is abuzz because of the upcoming elections, we realize that never before has the club depended so much on the Argentinian’s boots. And in the hands of what the genius wants. If he wants to win and has the conditions for it, the team improves to a level that's arguably unreachable for any other team, be it domestically or internationally. If he's at his full competitiveness, he's capable of carrying everything on his back and hide any possible flaws of the starting XI. This is one of the things that make him the marvelous footballer he is, he still wants to perform and win for the shirt he wears.

Lionel Messi is the real Barcelona president, and if he wants to show his authority, something that rarely happens, he could put anyone in their place. For example, if the board dares to renew Luis Enrique before the end of his contract, they would do well to ask the Argentinian first, if he approves. If he wants to simply endorse a presidential candidate, not just a few will tremble. Many will tremble. The older fans will recall that back in 1978, it was an open secret that Núñez won the presidential election with the support of Johan Cruyff and Carles Rexach when they were still active as footballers. Maybe Bartomeu has forgotten this little detail. And when he realizes it, it might be too late. It would be legitimate if Messi declares anything, no one will silence him if he decides to break the balance by supporting a confirmed candidate. Then and now, with no need for more evidence, the Number 10 is, and will be, the president of Futbol Club Barcelona, its most valuable asset in the past, present, and future. Imagine if he decides to take revenge on those who referred to him with disdain ("This man" comments by Javier Faus), a very displeasing thought for the current board. There are mistakes that are paid over time. It's normal, people like Leo and Guardiola, not to mention others, are capable of deciding who will sit on the director’s box. Messi has never been a dictator like some people in Madrid said. But if one day he decides to be, we will have a good laugh.

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