Maria Viloria: This game was a confirmation that the lost against Alavés was a group of mistakes. Now at Madrid, Barcelona played very well, even with some rotations, the team demonstrated that they can play without any problem.

We watched Mascherano as third centre back/right back, a clear message to Aleix Vidal. Meanwhile Piqué-Umtiti pair is happiness for us. MAtS had an incredible game with huge confidence although Leganés scored (it was an excellent free kick goal). Alba has to improve if he doesn’t want to be left behind by Digne.

Rakitic and Iniesta were awesome in their defensive work as Rafinha demonstrated he can be important for Luis Enrique’s plan. He understands his role perfectly and scored an incredible goal. Messi, Suárez and Neymar only had done what they know: score and assist each other. Tap-in goals? Yeah, but it was an amazing performance for them. On the other hand, Paco couldn’t score but I know he will have other opportunities.

Sergi Roberto and Busquets were rested and Luis Enrique did great in the rotations: Rakitic, Iniesta and Suárez rested and Alcácer, Denis and Arda played very well. Now, we can think about our next game: Atlético Madrid.

Rafael Hernández: A satisfying win for Barcelona, loaded with positives. The team struggled at the start to contain Leganés enthusiasm and pressing, but as soon as the players managed to connect a few passes going forward the outcome of the match was inevitable. Yet another fantastic display by Messi, Neymar and Suárez, the first time all three scored together in the first half.

Messi stood out among the three, with a display of mesmerizing passes. His incredible distribution is becoming so common that it doesn’t even surprise anymore. We are spoiled, yet we should cherish it like we'll never anything of the sort again.

Umtiti performed perfectly from start to finish, his adaptation to Barça's demands was instantaneous, he's living up to the expectations like none expected, even Lucho said he was impressed. Ter Stegen was once again firm at the back, same for Piqué who's also another player we're used to seeing absolute excellence.

Rafinha scored a nice goal, good for his confidence, and the rotations in the second half were a smarter move from Luis Enrique, Alcácer, Denis and Arda managed to have some minutes and Suárez got much needed rest.

Heimo: Overall this game was exactly what was expected. Rotations, an early away game on a mediocre dry pitch and you know how the first minutes turn out to be. Very chaotic, but Barça found the equilibrium after the Messi goal.

It is crucial to survive the first 20 minutes in such games. And Messi made sure the chaos ended after 15' into the game. The rest was pretty much entertaining. Nice goals, some hiccups but a great game. Happy we didn’t have to suffer as fans. The players got some stick though as Leganés were pretty physical but not unfair. Now I am happy that there is still a lot of my day left and am already looking forward to the game on Wednesday with a well rested Sergio Busquets and Sergi Roberto. Also great Andrés Iniesta and Luis Suárez were subbed off to be fresh in four days.

Jaime Ibarra: This match felt like watching two Barcelona squads playing at the same time: an earthbound -sometimes shaky- side which in some phases of the game struggled in defense and in the build-up; and a heavenly, selfless, holy trinity up front just gliding through the opposition and creating scoring chances with such ease and joy among each other that was simply mesmerizing.

I’d like to note Umtiti’s performance. The Frenchman has really hit the ground running in an impressive fashion, with such composure and understanding of the game that one can only be optimistic about his future in the club. Another good news for Can Barça was Rafinha’s solid match and stunning curled goal, important display to give the Brazilian a confidence boost and to foster the competition within the team.

All in all, it was a fun Saturday morning match to watch in a colorful and energetic environment. The tournament is just getting started and the Clockwork Blaugrana is beginning to grease its piece into gear.

Alex Truica: Leganes started in a brave way, pressing Barça early and causing the Spanish champion a lot of trouble. In the new 3-4-3 shape, especially Mascherano struggled on the right side of the defense. But the thing with early pressing against Barça is: They are so good, they exploit the space at the back and can hit you pretty much out of nothing. That's what MSN did in the first half, scoring three kinda easy goals to put the game surprisingly early to bed. Even if the scoreline is kinda harsh for Leganes, you gotta give them credit for their brave and ballsy display.

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