Rafael Hernández: A fantastic way to win the league, older culés had experienced this before with Cruyff in the 90s and recently in Guardiola’s second season, but this one was something else. In the first half of the season we had to face all of La Liga’s toughest clubs away from home, struggling due to squad depth and playing more matches than any other club due to the treble, then came Messi’s untimely injury, but that didn't matter because we still nailed it and led the league.

Then followed the period between January and March this year, a masterclass after another, 39 matches unbeaten, and when everything was being taken for granted, we fell into a slump like we hadn’t seen since the Gaspart days. The season wasn’t over, but it could be if the team didn’t bounce back immediately, the players care and they showed it. The league is theirs, and the whole journey just made it ten times more special.

Heimo: Honestly I do not know how Luisito is able to bag so many goals. It is beyond my imagination. Having said that, I was really calm today - or at least tried to tell myself that. The team was up for the task and all the fuzz about briefcases and third party incentives were probably more on the spotlight than the current form of Luis Suárez. Happy with the performance on such a bad pitch. And happy that the team is rested and focused to end this season as well as possible. Gràcies equip! The 24th league title is ours. Now celebrate and then focus to win the Double. I am already happy, that Madrid got their chance for a Spanish Supercup denied once again. Enjoy the day, people!

Jéremy: Today Barça did exactly what we expected from them, scoring early and not allowing Granada to threaten the goal. Suárez, Messi and Iniesta were the best in my opinion, like they have been for months and I would like to highlight how Ter Stegen is calm and good in his distribution, a crucial role in the coming years. There is no better feeling than winning the league in the last day. Congrats to the team and to all culés, as I always said, this team deserves our support in every moment, and they once again showed us why today.

José Manuel: Our boys keep on building this dinasty and proving (as if someone still doubts) why they are the best team in Spain by a landslide. Even with their dip in form during April, Lucho, his staff and the squad managed to regain their best, winning 5 out of 5 and sealing one more league title.

Right now, and I mean, only after the match, that we can say the way Barça won this match is the last thing to worry about. The opponents had some chances during second half, much to my surprise, and even had a few chances on goal. The clearest of them was nicely denied by ter Stegen, and I hope he stays for many years. Had Granada scored one of their chances, the score would have been compromised, and given the extent of the home side's will to spoil blaugrana celebration, they might actually have had a shot at it. Lucky us, Luisito Suárez happens to wear a blaugrana jersey, his hattrick did the job when we needed a win above all.

Let's not complain about Lucho subbing off the brilliant Rakitic for Arda yet again. Though, I guess this winning streak to finish La Liga won't be just enough to win the final next week against Sevilla, so the boss still will be troubled figuring out the way to tune up this side to their best version - not only a good one.

It's been wonderful to watch the game with the guys from Penya Barcelonista Ciutàt de Mèxic, and Mexican culés are welcome to join us anytime! When Suárez scored his third goal to seal the deal, the penyistas started to sing El Cant del Barça a capella. Truly special!

Gracies, FCBarcelona.

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