Daniel Ramos: "Not the best Barça match, and a great game of Sevilla. Defensive mistakes caused the goal and they were quickly corrected. And even when the posts don't help, Messi comes up to Mess-it up."

Alex Truica: "Barça - especially in the end - looked exhausted today. Understandably of course after so many games. Messi orchestrated a lot, Neymar was a little bit unseeable, as was Arda Turan. He has to do more. I would have subbed in a new striker, preferably Sandro (I know he wasn't on the bench, but I think Lucho should give him a chance) for Suarez late in the game, to provide speed and fresh legs. Again Barça didn't convince, even looked sluggish at times, but won."

Rafael Hernandez: "Barcelona had another resilient performance, played when it mattered and delivered the result once again. Messi pulled another miraculous free kick when the team was struggling vs a tough Sevilla side, and Piqué guaranteed the win after a nice move by the tireless Suárez and Messi. Neymar is going through a slump and he knows it, hence why he’s been working so hard and contributing so much defensively, he’ll soon get back to scoring goals.

Tiki Taka: Messi celebrates with Neymar

Jaime Ibarra: "In recent years, Sevilla have always been a tough opponent. Today, they were disciplined in defense and dangerous with their fast transitions. And that's precisely the most remarkable aspect about this Barcelona version: even if they don't have the best of games against a top rival, they still manage to compete and win."

Diana Kristinne: "The game started better for Sevilla, Barça's midfield was struggling to create anything or to prevent Sevilla's counter attacks, the defense was exposed and looked nervous. After their goal the team recovered some composure. Leo's goal was wonderful and important for momentum and then the second half had more Barça domination. Another game in which this Barça team showed that it's a competitive monster and that it rises to the challenges it faces despite looking a bit tired, having already played 46 games this season."

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