Heimo: What a blow the first 30 minutes were... You can argue about the starting eleven or blame individual errors for it, but in the end the focus was just not there, even if the first ten minutes did look promising. And then Celta started to get more comfortable, with smart pressing they forced Barça players to commit mistakes. And they did capitalize on all of them.

I had definitely anticipated to see Iniesta starting the game since the international break is up next. And you could see that with an out of form Busquets and no Iniesta nor Rakitic, this midfield is just not what it should be.

Celta were good but they weren't overwhelmingly good. It was the momentum and the clinical execution that gave them confidence. Nevertheless one has to praise the team for not giving up. They still believed in it to turn it around, and they almost did. You also have to praise Iniesta, with him everything looked much smoother. But a terrible mistake from Marc-André ter Stegen killed it for Barça.

I just hope that the team and coaching stuff will use this break and fix and adjust what is missing at the moment. New players like Gomes are yet to fully adapt to our playing style. The only newcomer that fully gelled is Umtiti. I only hope that he and Messi return properly rested and healed. We need those options back. Especially for the tough English weeks ahead.

I hope Busquets is getting properly rested as he seems weirdly off lately. Can’t have him being overburdened with the Spanish national team again. And Suárez needs to step up. I wonder what he is up to recently. Neymar tried a lot today and looked better than in past weeks. I guess with Messi back on board it will be fine again. That for me says a lot about our injured and undisputed number one player.

María Viloria: Terrible, awful... Any negative adjective is ideal to describe this game. I approved the starting line-up, but it’s true that Balaídos is a difficult stadium for us. If we don’t have Messi, we need Iniesta or Rakitic. Busquets is off form, so we have to protect him. Mathieu is a disaster and ter Stegen needs to full learn how to not disturb our game.

First, we have to be thankful to Piqué. He is the best center back on the world. Sergi Roberto played well, but it was a complicated game. I won’t talk about Mathieu or Alba, anyone that watched the match knows. Digne and Umtiti can't start and return soon enough

Arda continues to struggle as a midfielder. It’s like a punch on your stomach. I really like Andrés Gomes but sometimes I feel when he plays, he disrupts our system, even if right now it's hard to say what's our tactical setup. Suárez and Neymar weren't at their best onc again, especially without Iniesta or Rakitic. But why did Lucho bench Rakitic and Iniesta before a national break? I understand he wanted to rest them, but Balaídos is no cakewalk and he knows it.

I prefer to focus on our excellent second half. Iniesta and Denis Suárez were incredible, as soon as they came on the chances came in droves. Well, we have to rest and remember it's only two points behind the leader. La Liga has ways to go before it's over.

Rafael Hernández: Well, what can I say... Busquets is off form, Mathieu still playing for Barça is inexcusable, Jordi Alba could get lost inside his own house, and Suárez looks so out of it, it’s hard not to get worried.

Right now the team has no clear system in the moment a single rotation is made, relying too much on individual brilliance. Luis Enrique is overcomplicating with excessive changes in the starting eleven, that’s Barça’s biggest problem, and Messi’s return won’t solve any long term issues if Lucho continues with his nonsensical shenanigans, he has to find middle ground.

I'm not sure how I feel about this match, but kudos to the team making it from atrocious to just bad. Perhaps will lead to something positive in the long term, only two points off top after all.

Sulaiman: Absurd game to say the least. Celta wiped us away in the space of 25 minutes with loads of errors that normally don't happen. We just couldn't build up from the back during that period and then our long balls weren't working as the attackers couldn't lose their markers. Props have to be given to Celta for how they played today, not as good as the 4-1 last season but scoring 4 against Barcelona isn't too common, can't recall the last time a club did it consecutively at home.

I feel the rotations were justified but it backfired when our key players (Alba, Busquets, Suárez) have been on shocking form as of late, if they weren't so bad we could've got more for sure out of this game. There are some positives from this game: Piqué is immense and Iniesta is still a game changer on his natural role, he should play when Messi doesn't otherwise our creativity in the midfield is near non-existent.

Celta's goals weren't special at all, it was because we made silly errors that could've been easily avoided, it is what makes me slightly optimistic that we can bounce back from this fairly easily. Ter Stegen's error was shocking, and being a big ter Stegen fan I can't defend him. He should've just played it to Sergi who was a open outlet from the back. Nonetheless, we will learn from this. Mathieu is odd, he was comfortable for large parts of the game and then he collapsed.

Busquets needs to get his act together, I don't know what it is but he has to pick up form soon otherwise we could face major problems. Neymar was better than the last game but he always tried too much especially with Suarez being next to useless. This break will be very important for the team and lets hope we can put this behind us and keep moving forward

Alex Truica: Barça started well and composed in the first 15 minutes, but then two Busquets mistakes changed the game. Celta gained confidence, Barça totally lost theirs and it suddenly was 0-3 at half time after another mistake, an own goal by Mathieu. Finally in the second half Lucho brought Iniesta in and the midfield maestro changed everything. Barça looked good with him in midfield and they still believed in themselves and suddenly pulled two goals back, both after Iniesta assists, but then the fourth mistake cost them the game.

Ter Stegen got too arrogant and made an incredible and unnecessary blunder. The attitude of the team was flawless, but four mistakes of that calibre are more than too many. Piqué was immense and a true leader, Iniesta was great when he came in and I think Arda played well too, but other players like Suarez, Gomes, Rafinha or Alba didn't show up for large parts of the game. Leaving out two out of three midfield starters in an tough away game was probably not the best idea of Lucho, but afterwards we are all smarter. Overall it was the stupid mistakes that cost Barça the game, not Lucho's starting line-up.

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