Heimo: Where should I start? First, an awesome atmostphere in the stadium. Borussia Mönchengladbach was ready for tonight. They were pressing with a crazy intensity. Busquets got dispossed 2-3 times and that caught the team totally unaware. And one counterattack was executed brilliantly. Mascherano should have tackled or stayed on line with Piqué there. Suárez had an off day. And Neymar got dispossessed a lot. I love his play in full speed. But in a static moment his tricks and movements are often more for the gallery rather than to take out opponents. He needs some guidance on when to use his creativity and when to play the easy pass. It’s a bit frustrating to see, cause a player of this calibre should offer more. That’s what he demands from himself as well I guess. He saved his day with a magnificent assist to Arda Turan, who bombed the ball to much needed equalizer.

And when you can’t score otherwise, Piqué stands up und does the job. Let’s call this a routine achievement. Gotta love the team to turn around such games. Although it is not really satisfying to see us playing like this. We as Barça fans are simply spoiled brats. Lucho deserves some praise for his subs. It brought the necessary momentum to turn it around, since he got outperformed in the first half by his Borussia counterpart Schubert. What we can take away from tonight is, that the German Bundesliga does not only consist of Bayern München. Teams like Borussia Dortmund or Mönchengladbach do have great potential. Mönchengladbach played a very good. And the other take away? Well we hope Messi recovers completely and comes back soon. For every Barça fan and for every admirer of beautiful football each game without Messi is just pain in the ass.

María Viloria: On paper, it was an incredible Barcelona's line up. Paco and Suárez as the main strikers. Neymar was behind them with freedom. What is the problem with that? We didn't use the wings properly, so Alba and Sergi Roberto didn't attack as usual. We had to play through the center with a defense of five players. Gladbach played well, especially whn pressing of Busquets, Iniesta and Neymar. Three or four players pressed each of them when they had the ball. Suárez didn't make the best decisions at first half, but he is incredible.

Borussia Mönchengladbach proved to be one of the best teams in Germany, and we can't forget that. A team which know to wait for the best opportunity and they did. They took advantage of a Mascherano-Busquets’ mistake. Hazard scored a great counterattacking goal; ter Stegen couldn’t stop that. At second half, Raffael left out and the team went down.

Hard to understand why our first halves are awful. Maybe Luis Enrique has a magic talent to inspire them at locked-room. It's incredible how Paco is unlucky and he ended up subbed off for Rafinha. The Brazilian played on the wing and it helped the team. Later, Rakitic left and Arda joined who played excellently and scored an amazing goal. Turán needed these performances. And then Piqué scored a good goal later a Sommer’s rebound.

Finally, some considerations: Neymar needs to recover his confidence or at least be more patient. He lost the ball too much, over 25 times; Alba can't forget Digne in on the bench; Paco has to never give up and keep trying the goal will come. What happened with Arda? He understood his role in this team and Luis Enrique learned how to use him. He will be an important player for us.

Rafael Hernández: There’s no other way to cut it, Barcelona played an awful match and Gladbach leading after 60 minutes wasn’t an accident but a fair result considering the performance. Lucho’s entire initial setup was poor: Alcácer and Suárez confused each other upfront, Neymar was plagued by poor decisions, Busquets looks lethargic as he’s been, Rakitic looked tired and even Iniesta struggled.

Thankfully, Luis Enrique repaired his mistakes with Arda Turan and Rafinha, the Turk changed the match and grabbed more than an important equalized, he stood out as Barça’s best with less than 30 minutes on pitch. Neymar still continued his nightmare but gave an assist to Turan and played a key part on Piqué’s goal, even in an off day the Brazilian was key in securing the victory for Barça. It’s a positive sign, great players win matches even on bad days.

Glad to have Piqué scoring the winner, among the best centre backs in the world and sometimes you’d think he needs to score to be noticed. We have won valuable three points in a undeserved win, but three points nonetheless. Important step for Barça to top the group, now time to face Pep and City in two cracking games.

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