Maria Viloria: It was an incredible and important game for us after the loss against Alavés. We can watch a lineup which without doubts could be the gala one. Ter Stegen caused a penalty, but he could stop it; Sergi Roberto played very well, he improved his defensive skills and his confidence every game; Piqué-Umtiti is an excellent defensive pairing for us. They play amazing together and the French helped in the build up.

André and Rakitic supported Busquets, and it’s an important fact. André achieved an excellent game and can fight for a place at lineup without any problem. He demonstrated his defensive skills too. What I can say about MSN? Suárez was discreet, but he scored two goals (the first one was incredible); Messi scored a hat-trick; Neymar bagged one and gave 4 assists (yes, four). He was very important at attack and demonstrated why we missed him so much. Good for us, MSN is back and the season just started.

Rafael Hernández: A refreshing, soothing match. Messi started everything for Barça as usual after three minutes with a well taken shot and the performance was much better than what was shown vs Alavés three days ago, MSN back upfront, Umiti, Sergi and Piqué at the back, and Ter Stegen with a quick recovery after a scare last Friday.

The goalkeeper stopped a penalty that could’ve raised some doubts after what had happened in the league, and from there it was a cakewalk. Man of the match Neymar had one of his best European performances with a goal and four assists, with the return of his synergy with his friends Messi and Suárez. Celtic couldn’t do much and it quickly turned into a massacre after Andrés Iniesta came on and André Gomes surprised the stadium with a bona fide second half performance as deep lying midfielder, showcasing the best of his abilities.

As reported by the Catalan press, Lucho met with his players and they’ve shown us once again there’s no doubting their commitment and will to do their best on pitch. The debacle vs Alavés was unfortunate and a consequence of too many rotations, which will prove to be an isolated incident this season.

Heimo: I missed the game on Saturday. And I didn’t want to waste my time to watch a recap either. But I was already having goosebumps when I saw and heard the crowd chanting and displaying the Estelades (Catalan Independence Flags). Then came Messi and Neymar with magic. Not to forget all the other players that were up for the task. My favorite moment, was when Iniesta was subbed on and instantly left his mark on the game. Enjoy him while it lasts, it’s a pure joy. And how smooth is Umtiti? Celtic didn’t put much pressure on our defense but you can just see that Samuel Umtiti has that grace like Abidal. It’s just something else. Overall, what a delight to start this UCL campaign, because there will be difficult tasks soon enough - especially on away days.

Alex Truica: Barça apparently wanted to make up for something today. They looked sharp and motivated from the very beginning, with Messi pulling the strings and being in the zone. With a hattrick Messi was of course the MVP, but Neymar was brilliant two by providing 4 assists and a goal. Of the Tridente, for large parts Suaáez was by far the poorest one, and I would've liked it to see Paco Alcácer get some minutes and the Uruguayan to get some rest - but in the end he was able to add two goals to his incredible tally (17 goals in 20 UCL appearances). Overall it was a very impressive win against a poor opponent, but we shouldn't overvalue the 7-0 because Celtic is by far the weakest team in the group.

Ahmed Bousrih: The league loss had to be forgotten. 7-0 is the real Barcelona. MSN's comeback completely destroyed the opponent, with a freekick goal and four incredible assists from Neymar, three goals and an assist from Messi and two goals and one assist from Súarez that completely thrashed Celtic.

I'd call it a full performance. Everyone did their job correctly. Less mistakes, better concentration, sharp passing in the box, and that's the Barça we want to see. On their first Champions League game with the club, Umtiti and Gomes had a decent displays. Not to mention Jordi Alba's efforts in the left wing helping Neymar find space and attack. I really enjoyed watched the magical goal of iniesta too.

Sulaiman: Sensational performance from every player on the pitch, and a great way to bounce back from that embarrassing defeat over the weekend. Very pleased with the adaption of Umtiti, for me he should replace Mascherano as our starting center back with Pique. Neymar contrasting performances from the weekend and today is mindblowing, and maybe we should play Celtic more often.

André Gomes was also very impressive, barely saw him put a foot wrong but he played in the 'Iniesta slot', over time this should change as he learns from the best at the club. We couldn't have asked for a better start to the UCL campaign. Let's hope we can see these sort of performances consistently against the best clubs.

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