Heimo: Finally the international break is over and there aren't many better things than watch a Barça game on a nice Saturday afternoon. The start was a bit bumpy. With a lot of players not available, Lucho decided for the 3-4-3. The positives were Digne, Mathieu, Neymar and Rafinha. The latter did open the scoresheet with his two goals that were key. Deportivo wasn’t really a threat and our build up play wasn't really good either. Against a stronger opponent this will not be enough.

Rakitic needs some time to get back to his best. Iniesta didn’t play either. So our midfield wasn’t really what we will be needing against Manchester City in a few days. Luckily Deportivo gave up, suffered from a red card and basically let us play a training match. So the players didn’t waste too much energy. The second half was more joyful to watch. Mostly because Neymar was really having fun taking on the Deportivo defense. And then there was Messi. This game was perfect to give him some minutes. And he seemed to have enjoyed himself as well - scoring an amazing goal after a sublime assist by Neymar. I really hope the injury spell is over now. We need the players at their best in the coming weeks. And Paco probably needs a weak team in the Spanish Cup to get over his goal drought. Just needs to keep on working and goals hopefully will follow. Something that Luisito needed as well. How he prepared that goal with a body feint was just something different.

Daniel Ramos: A joyful return. After almost two weeks of FIFA break, which felt unusually long and threatening due to injuries, Barcelona stepped under the spotlight once again.

Having to prepare for the match against Manchester City, rotations in the line-up were expected, and they worked nicely. Required rest for Umtiti, Iniesta and Suárez and an incredible match by Rafinha, Digne and (surprisingly enough) Mathieu. Solid defence, fine displays of pressing and offensive fluidness were the strong points today. And a special mention to the other glorious return of the evening: 24 days later, Lionel Messi plays for Barcelona again, and he only needed 2 minutes to show us both his physique and his will are untouched.

Now we wait for a challenge. Guardiola's squad is coming and it's Barça's duty to defend their ground once more.

Sulaiman: Pretty enjoyable game to say the least especially after dull weeks of international football.

We started a bit slow especially in buildup on the left side of the pitch but then we improved that very quickly. The 3-4-3 worked a lot better and we were able to control the match for very large periods unlike against Leganés. I was very very impressed with the performances of Neymar, Digne and Rafinha today. For me our top performers.

It was wonderful to see Messi back on the pitch, it seemed like he never left from what he showed us today. Promising ahead of the Champions League clash against Manchester City. Speaking of players returning, it was correct not to give Umtiti playtime today because for me he should start against Manchester City in order to help us in the build up.

Paco played well, he isn't a player who creates chances for himself, he is more like a fox in the box type player. His movements to get in those positions for the goals he should've scored were great. In due time he will start scoring.

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