Marc-Andre ter Stegen (6): Not much he could do on either goal, the defending on both goals were horrible. Made 1/2 saves but not much else. Passing been a bit off, Madrid have pressed really well. Regardless of what these 2 games have shown, he will be crucial if we are to be successful this season.

Javier Mascherano (5): Not done much right, almost cost us a goal. Seems like his legs have given up. At times he was rash with his tackles and decision making. Passing at times was good but he only seemed to pass to Rakitić and no one else. Madrid had joy down his side of the pitch and got into some dangerous positions. The best contribution he made to game was his foul on Casemiro. He’s not starter material anymore, it’s as simple as that.

Gerard Piqué (5.5): Much better performance individually compared to the 1st leg, but it won’t matter much as the team looked rather poor as a whole. He was a solid presence in the air and made some crucial clearances. Passing was a bit off at times. Subbed off after 50 minutes with what looked to be a muscle discomfort.

Samuel Umtiti (6): Perhaps our only good CB. Played well for the most part but caught flat footed on the 2nd goal. Should’ve done better but Alba didn’t support him too well. Passing was solid but he lacked a lot of options whenever he got the ball. He’s carrying on from where he left off last season.

Sergi Roberto (5.5): Started on the right side of the midfield and didn’t do much going forward in the 1st half, but in the 2nd half he combined well with Semedo at times after the Portuguese was subbed on and he also made some dangerous runs. Defensively he did well to track back even though Marcelo and Asensio had too much space at times.

Sergio Busquets (4.5): Rather poor in the 1st half even though this was mostly due to team’s setup and him having no options when he was on the ball. Madrid pressed him well whenever he was on the ball and forced him into mistakes, one of those resulted in Madrid’s 2nd goal after he got.dispossessed. Got more comfortable in the 2nd half but the game was already done at that point.

Ivan Rakitić (5): Poor yet again. Decision making must be a lot better and he again struggled on the ball whenever he was under pressure. Defensively he did well at times but going forward he’s very limited and not creative enough from that CM position. Positioned far from Busquets who struggled to find passing options when he received the ball deep. Most of his passes were simple ones and he doesn’t break the lines often.

Jordi Alba (5.5): Typical performance for him, some sparks but generally not too good. He linked with Messi decently. Should’ve been there to help Umtiti on 2nd goal but somehow was outside the box. Passing has been shocking in final third as we have come to know in the last few years. Took up good positions in possession but not made use of it. Made some good tackles but his 1st and 2nd halves were contrasting. If he has another poor season then it could be time to put him on the bench or even completely sell him.

André Gomes (4): Started off not too bad but faded away as the game went on. His lack of pace is a major downside since he was deployed as b2b. Passing was nothing special. Got destroyed by Madrid’s MF players as expected. He did link with Messi and Alba well for parts of the first half but nothing more than this. It’s early in the season but the signs aren’t positive. He looks lost most of the time. If he fails again this season, it would be time to ship him off.

Lionel Messi (6): Didn’t have the best of games but it was impossible to expect more from him the way the team was set up. He struggled to get on the ball in the 1st half and even when he did, he was marked tightly by a few Madrid players. Found himself in a couple of good chances to score but his finishing was a bit off. Tried his best and pressed well but this game was a real example of how little of a help he gets currently.

Luis Suárez (4.5): Another disappointing game for him. Got into chances but simply couldn’t finish them off which was frustrating to watch. His movement was as good as usual but decision making on the ball and his finishing have been lacking for months now.

Nelson Semedo (6): Subbed on in the 50th minute and made a good impression. Combined well with Sergi on the right side and only after he came on, the team started asking questions of Madrid down that right wing where he got past Marcelo a few times. Here’s hoping he adapts to the team as quick as possible because what we’ve seen so far looks promising.

Lucas Digne: Replaced Alba late on into the game, it was such an odd sub. We saw these sort of subs under Lucho last year and they literally never worked. Made some nice passes but by then both teams weren’t trying. Though he’s a squad player, he’ll have to perform this year.

Gerard Deulofeu: Replaced Gomes with around 20 mins left, he had a good chance to get a goal but took far too long making a decision, Ramos recovered and made the tackle. This was the only notable thing he done in the game. If he is going to be our starting LW, then we’ll have a long season. He is a good player but not good enough to be our starting winger right now.

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