Marc-Andre ter Stegen (6): Had an alright game. On the goals there wasn’t much he could do. Both goals were very good strikes from Inui. Surprisingly he only misplaced 2 passes as Eibar pressed really well. Eibar didn’t really get many other chances bar the goals so it was a quiet game for him, for the most part.

Sergi Roberto (5.5): Got back in the line-up after he missed the last game due to suspension. Should’ve done better on the 1st Eibar goal, Inui just had too much time and space to finish that move. Surprisingly, he did well going forward at times, managed 2 key passes in those 45 minutes he spent on the pitch. Subbed off at the start of the 2nd half, looks like he picked up yet another injury and this season is over for him as he is suspended for CdR final. Next season I’d love to see him being used as a rotation player coming off the bench, it feels like he’d be useful in that role.

Marlon Santos (6.5): Another solid performance for the youngster. Fantastic start to the match as he stopped a great chance by sliding in and blocking the shot which would’ve been a goal most certainly. Hard to blame him for any of the Eibar goals, perhaps his positioning could’ve been better on the 2nd. Passing was fantastic again, completed 97% of his passes, managed 2 clearances and tackles and won all of his duels. The Brazilian stepped up and did well in Piqué’s absence, let’s hope we’ll see more of this next season.

Samuel Umtiti (6.5): Another good performance. He wasn’t at fault for any of the goals. His passing wasn’t as good as usual, misplacing more than he usually does. Most likely because Eibar pressed really well. Defensively he was sound, winning 12 of his 14 defensive actions. Truth be told, he deserved more from this season than what he actually got but we go again next time.

Jordi Alba (5): A rather poor game. He received the ball a lot in dangerous areas but did absolutely nothing with it. I have no idea how he didn’t manage to create a chance all game. He managed to complete 3 of his 4 defensive actions and should’ve done a lot better on the 2nd Eibar goal. His dive when Barcelona were 2-1 down was utterly disgraceful. I literally do not know how the ref thought it was a penalty. Being honest, he should’ve been sent off for that, perhaps one of the worst dives I’ve ever seen. It’s not unlike him to dive and it’s the worst thing about his game, even more so than his final balls.

Sergio Busquets (6.5): Good performance once again. Perhaps it wasn’t as impressive as some of his performances in recent weeks, but he did well. Misplaced some passes but this was due to lack of options as Rakitić was once again positioned wide. Defensively, he had a good game, won 9 out of 12 duels and managed 2 interceptions, 3 tackles. He was one of the better players in Barça’s Liga campaign and it’s a shame he wasn’t rewarded for it.

Ivan Rakitić (5.5): Positioned wide yet again, didn’t contribute much in the build-up. Most of his work was off the ball and he did well at times but it’s frustrating to see a midfielder that isn’t involved in the buildup. Could’ve done better to track Inui’s run on the 1st goal. Later on, he drop deep after Sergi was subbed off, managed 3 interceptions. Subbed off after 71 minutes. Hopefully his role and his performances will change for the better next season if Barça strengthens the fullback positions.

Andres Iniesta (7): One of our better players. He received the ball in bad areas but did well to hold onto it and link our defence to attack. He had 2 chances to score and they were well taken shots but Yoel had a surprisingly strong game regardless of the 4 goals he conceded. It could’ve easily been 7 if our finishing was better. Also managed to create 2 chances which weren’t capitalised on. It was a strong end to the season for him, I’d like to see him play more next season but he’s getting on so his game time will need to be managed carefully. The club need to get his contract renewed as it ends next season. Failure to do so will leave a massive hole in the squad which probably won’t get filled adequately.

Lionel Messi (7.5): Yet another great performance for the best player in the world, even though he was a bit wasteful in front of the goal at times. Involved from the start, passed the ball well and created chances for his teammates but Barça simply couldn’t find the net in the 1st half. It looked like it won’t be his day after he missed an easy chance and then his penalty was saved. However, few minutes later he had another chance from the spot and this time he converted it to make it 3-2. Finished off the game in a brilliant way after dribbling past numerous Eibar players all the way from the halfway line and finishing it off in make it 4-2. Sensational Liga campaign, one of.his best ever but the squad just wasn’t on high enough level for.another title.

Luis Suárez (5.5): Wasteful in front of the goal yet again, something we say almost every week this season. He should’ve scored 2 goals in the 1st half but missed the easiest chances he’ll ever have, a player of his quality should be finishing those with his eyes closed. Continued in the same tone in the 2nd half, missing another solid chance. And then, in a typical Suárez fashion, he scores out of nowhere to make it 2-2 on a set piece. One could’ve seen it coming after the performance he had as it happened so many times, he scores out of nowhere and misses easiest chances. He’ll have to do much better next season, his stats aren’t bad this season but that doesn’t show everything and he’s been wasteful for the most part.

Neymar (7): Despite him being poor in front of goal and making the final decision, he had a pretty decent game. Managed to create 3 chances which at least one should’ve resulted in a goal. He gave Capa a lot of problems throughout the game and won a penalty which led to Capa picking up his 2nd yellow card. At times he held onto the ball for too long which he hasn’t done too much as of late. His take on success rate was poor. 4 out of 12 is a dreadful return. His only shot on goal led to the own goal, truth be told he should’ve scored but his finishing has been like this for most of the season. Next season he needs to be far more consistent if we are to go far in all competitions.

André Gomes: Replaced the injured Sergi on RB position in the 2nd half. There’s not much to say, he didn’t offer much going forward and defensively he didn’t have much to do as Barça were chasing the result in the 2nd half. Perhaps on Eibar’s 2nd goal you could see he isn’t a fullback naturally and could’ve done better and stood closer to Inui. Tough 1st season for the Portuguese, here’s hoping next season he’ll have a more defined role so he can grow as a player in the future.

Paco Alcácer: Subbed on for Rakitić with 20 minutes left. Had immediate impact on the game as he assisted Suárez after a Barça corner. Later on, he had a chance to score but couldn’t finish it off. Solid 2nd half of the season for him, he’s done well when given a chance for the most part and now he’ll have a chance to prove his worth in the Copa del Rey final, as Suárez is suspended.

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