Marc-Andre ter Stegen (6.5): Really quiet game for the German. Granada posed no threat to his goal for near enough the whole game. On the goal, he could’ve done better it has to be said but if Alba and Mathieu defended better the goal wouldn’t have happened. His passing was decent for the most part. Sad that he couldn’t get another clean sheet but he still leads the Zamora race.

Sergi Roberto (6.5): Started as a RB and didn’t contribute much going forward. He passed the ball well but wasn’t too active in the final third of the pitch, only completed 1 cross. Defensively he did well for the most part against Andreas Pereira on his side, with some help from Rakitić. Other than there’s not much to note on his performance as Granada weren’t dangerous going forward and he didn’t do much on the ball. It will be interesting to see if he starts against Sevilla.

Javier Mascherano (7): Very good performance which was needed in Piqué’s and Umtiti’s absence. Passed the ball with ease out the back, some great long passes included. Defensively, he didn’t put a foot wrong even though Granada were really poor going forward. Managed a few important clearances and interceptions as well. Barça’s best defender on the day.

Jeremy Mathieu (7): For the most part he was great. His passing was of a high level but one of his misplaced passes led to the Granada goal. He could’ve done a lot better defending the play. He won all of the 12 defensive actions he attempted, he always does that part right. Passing has improved but he is known to have lapses on the ball. He had a few chances to get a goal or two but somehow managed to miss the target. He’s performing at a solid level so he’ll be vital for us in these final two months.

Jordi Alba (6.5): Did well for some parts the match and dreadful in other parts. His assist was sublime, never have I ever seen him play a pass like that. With how much he saw the ball, he didn’t do too much with it. Granada didn’t press high so he could play higher yet he mostly passed to Neymar. He did manage to create 2 chances though. He was woeful on the Granada goal, didn’t push up with the line and when Mathieu was beat he just jogged back. Other than this he didn’t have much to do defensively. Needs to be more alert in games especially in these next two months. Any concentration lapses can kill the final part of our season.

Sergio Busquets (8): Brilliant performance, dictated the play from the first to final whistle. Granada’s pressing wasn’t too good so he had lot of time and space on the ball, but even when he was under pressure he always made right decisions. Completed 92% of his passes, including some brilliant between the line passes which led to Barça creating scoring opportunities. Great positioning defensively, always on the right place at the right time. Let’s hope he can keep up with this form for the rest of the season.

Ivan Rakitić (7.5): Very solid from the Croatian international. Granada didn’t press him on the ball except for the first 10-15 minutes so he had no trouble distributing the ball. Solid passing, managed 2 key passes as well. Moved well and found himself in good positions in the final third. Tracked back to help defensively even though Granada weren’t good on the ball and he didn’t have to do much in this aspect. Scored Barça’s 3rd goal from the edge of the box to seal the game. Subbed off with 3 minutes left in the game.

André Gomes (6.5): Wasn’t bad, but nothing special either. It seems like his adapting period is still going on. He played 65 odd minutes and barely got a touch of the ball. Attempting 30 passes (A little more than 1 every 2 mins). I have no idea why but he played early on a lot like a RW. He actually looked decent there oddly enough. After Rafinha’s injury he moved to LCM and didn’t do too much. Defensively he was alright. This season is virtually over for him. A new coach may improve him but it seems like Lucho doesn’t know what he wants André to do yet.

Rafinha: Started in midfield and passed the ball well, completed all of his passes. But sadly, he got injured after 10 minutes and had to be subbed off. Hopefully he will get lucky and not stay away from the pitch for long, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Luis Suárez (9): Fantastic performance for the best striker in the world, undoubtedly man of the match. Got involved from the start in Messi’s absence. Fantastic shot from the edge of the box but he was unlucky and the ball hit the bar. Soon after that he had another chance, but Ochoa was brilliant in this match. However, he finally gor on the scoresheet at the end of the 1st half after a brilliant pass from Alba. Both his movement and a chip on the play were world class. Continued in the same tone in the 2nd half, assisted Paco for Barça’s 2nd goal and he was behind everything the team created. Here’s hoping we’ll see more of this on Wednesday.

Neymar (7.5): Once again one of our better players but for a portion of the game he was poor. Managed to create 6 chances. His role has without doubt changed, the past 2 seasons he’s been more of a finisher but now he’s involved more in playmaking. The need for his defensive work was minimal so he didn’t need to get back much. Attempted a low amount of take ons (5/7) considering how much he received the ball. Managed to get on the scoresheet but should’ve had maybe 3 goals if his decision making was more sharp. That’s the problem for him this season, sometimes tends to be a bit wasteful like he was in this game. 9 shots and only 1 goal, for someone of his quality it is a poor return. Nonetheless, he ran riot after Granada were sent down to 10 men. If he can play like that against 11 men, I have no doubts the season will end successfully.

Paco Alcacer (7.5): Subbed on for injured Rafinha after just 15 minutes. Great performance, easily his best in a Barça shirt. Played out wide on the right side and got involved, passed the ball well. Found himself in good positions and scored Barça’s crucial 2nd goal of the match, great movement and a finish. Managed to create 2 chances for his teammates and had more chances to score himself but Ochoa did great. Assisted Barça’s 4th goal. This performance should be a massive confidence booster for him, hopefully we’ll get to see more of this soon.

Carles Aleñá: The youngster was subbed on for the last few minutes and he was involved in Barça’s 4th goal that came after a great team move. Other than that there’s not much to say, great to see him get his La Liga debut, hopefully we’ll see more of him in the future.

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