Marc-Andre ter Stegen (7): Shaky on the first attack Girona got. It led to a goal, his indecision and lack of communication with Umtiti which is quite rare gave Girona an early lead. Since then he improved a lot, especially in the second half. I don’t know why he was so nervous at times but he prevented some clear goals, Girona could’ve easily got 3 goals today. The pick of the bunch was the save from the corner where he fell into the goal.

Nélson Semedo (7): Solid performance. Done really well going forward, combined well with his teammates and his pace allowed him to get.up and down the pitch with ease, he wasn’t caught out of position too often. That right side with him.and Dembélé looked much more active and dangerous going forward than what we’re used to this season. Had a couple of misplaced passes out the back, but nothing too serious. Got.injured near the end and it looks like he’ll be out for weeks which is a shame after a performance like this.

Gerard Piqué (6.5): Wasn’t troubled too much defensively. On Girona’s goal, perhaps he also could’ve done a bit better but it was mostly Umtiti’s fault. Passing was good but not as good as usual, misplaced some he usually completes. Won all of his duels. He started feeling his knee early on and then in the 2nd half it got worse and he had to be subbed off. I don’t think it was a smart decision to play him in this game as he was clearly carrying an injury. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious.

Samuel Umtiti (6): Awful start, his indecision led to Girona’s goal, should’ve cleared the ball or taken control of the situation. It’s unlike him to do something like this but lately he’s been a bit sloppy. His passing was good as it always is but he went through periods of the game where he didn’t look comfortable. He managed to deal with Lozano well in the second half and then was shifted to the right when Piqué went off, its not his natural position he made some mistakes but generally wasn’t too bad there. He needs to pick up form again and get rid of these small mistakes as of late.

Jordi Alba (6): Had an average game, he was caught high up a few times but luckily it didn’t come to much. His dealing with Maffeo wasn’t too bad but he can do a lot more than he showed. He didn’t seem so great going forward like he usually is. His runs did cause Girona trouble but nothing came of it. Although he wasn’t necessarily bad, he can do more and perform better.

Sergio Busquets (7): Good performance yet again. Started off a bit shaky, misplaced a backheel pass in Girona’s third which led to a Girona goal from a counter attack. However, it’s hard to blame him for that goal given the fact the defence could’ve easily prevented it from happening. Right after that, he started the move for Barça’s equaliser with a brilliant pass between the lines to Messi. This is what he was doing well the entire game, his connection with Messi was brilliant as usual. Didn’t have much to do and wasn’t involved much defensively. Subbed off after 70 minutes.

Ivan Rakitić (7.5): Great performance for the Croatian international, one of his best of the season. Passing was brilliant, much better than usual. Completed 99% of his passes, and some of those led to goalscoring opportunities. With Semedo and Dembélé doing a great job on the right side, it made it easier for him to play his game and do more in the middle of the pitch. Great pass to Dembélé to start the move for Barça’s 6th and final goal of the night. Subbed off after 77 minutes.

Philippe Coutinho (7): Quiet for large parts of the first half, though he managed an assist he didn’t influence the game like he can especially early on. As the game went on, he looked better. His goal was sublime. We seen this sort of goal from him a lot at Liverpool, it’ll be great to see more of it in the future. It’ll take time but he needs to be quicker in his decisions and not take too long on the ball especially if he’ll be playing LCM. It’s early days and I’m sure he’ll improve very soon but the signs from the Girona game were promising.

Ousmane Dembélé (7): Started off poorly but as the game went on he became really involved and showed sparks of why he was bought. It’ll take a lot longer than we would have expected to settle. In the first half, he was sloppy with his decisions and some passing but he picked up after the interval. He started taking players on most notably where he dribbled past four players and won a foul. He managed to get an assist for Suárez’s hat trick which was the least he deserved for his good game. It’ll take some time but the signs of improvement are there.

Lionel Messi (9): Brilliant performance, once again made the difference. Great assist to Suárez, who made it 1-1. Received the ball a lot in the 1st half and made sure to make the most out of it. He dribbled past Girona players with ease and found himself in good positions. Wonderful move, toying with Girona’s defenders before finishing for 2-1. Scored a brilliant free-kick, under the wall to make it 3-1. Involved in Barça’s 4th goal, which was a brilliant team move. He did so much in the 1st half without breaking a sweat. More of the same in the 2nd, but he was saving himself and wasn’t trying too hard after the game was basically done, focused in getting his teammates involved.

Luis Suárez (8.5): Great performance. Scored from his 1st chance to make it 1-1 after some brilliant work from Busquets and Messi. His passing was better than usual, combined well with Messi and others teammates. Barça’s 2nd goal counts as his assist even though Mesis did most of the work. Scored his 2nd of the game from close after an amazing team move. More of the same in the 2nd half, he looked dangerous whenever he received the ball. Completed his hat-trick with his 20th league goal after Rakitić and Dembélé combined on the right side.

Thomas Vermaelen: Replaced Piqué in the 64th minute. Didn’t have to do much defensively but his passing was great, completed all of his passes. Almost got on a scoresheet after a great header, but Girona’s GK managed to save it. Good to see him back on the pitch, here’s hoping he can stay healthy for the rest of the season.

Paulinho: Replaced Busquets in the last 20 minutes of the game. Not much to say as the game was already done at this point. His passing was fine even though he managed to misplace some. Worked well defensively.

Sergi Roberto: Subbed on for Rakitić in the 77th minute. Completed all of his 11 attempted passes and managed one interception. Other than that, there’s not much to say. Personally, I’d love to see him in midfield more often.

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