Marc-Andre ter Stegen (7): For the most part he’s been quiet bar 1 or 2 routine saves. His passing has been good as we expect, Deportivo not causing him much problems in build up. The second half was more of the same but he made one top save to preserve his clean sheet. He’ll be busier next week when we play Real Madrid.

Sergi Roberto (7): Very involved at the start of the game, combined well with his teammates. Defensively, he didn’t have much to do as Deportivo were awful to say the least, but he did well when he had to intervene. Brilliant assist to Suárez at the start of the 2nd half. Passed the ball well and didn’t misplace too many passes. It looks likely he will start in the Clasico as Semedo didn’t even make the bench against Depor.

Gerard Piqué (7): Another solid performance, it seems like he’s starting to improve which is great to see going into the Clasico. Deportivo were rather poor on the day and didn’t create much but he looked comfortable at the back and his passing was great. Did well under pressure as well. Here’s hoping we’ll see him at his best at the Bernabeu.

Thomas Vermaelen (7): Another good game from the Belgian going into the Clasico, although Deportivo were downright awful. Passing was fine though the odd misplaced pass here and there. 95% pass completion is still pretty solid. We can’t really talk defensively as Deportivo barely created any notable chances.

Jordi Alba (7.5): Decent performance, he’s been prone to inconsistency but has actually maintained some form this season even though the match against Deportivo isn’t really a game to judge since they were abysmal. Had a chance to score but in a typical Jordi fashion he missed, luckily Paulinho followed up and finished. Defensively, he wasn’t challenged too much but did well when called upon. 4/6 tackles won isn’t bad. Here’s hoping next week he doesn’t have an off game.

Ivan Rakitić (6.5): Started in Busquets’ role and did well for the most part. He can’t be as good as Busquets under pressure, but luckily, Deportivo were awful at pressing and that made his job easier. Did well without the ball, helped the team get the ball back into possession quickly after losing it. Passing has been great, completed 96% of his passes.

Paulinho (7): Played a lot better than he has in recent weeks, although the poor opposition payed a part. He bagged 2 goals which were rather fortunate to say the least though it was good movement from him. His tackling was on and off, only completed 50% of his tackles. Most notably he didn’t get in the way of Iniesta and Messi as much as previous games, rather he positioned himself more smartly which has been a problem for him since his move. He could play a key role at the Bernabeu.

Andres Iniesta (9): For me, he was the best player on the pitch along with Messi. WhoScored only gave him a 6.9 which is why stats aren’t the best way to judge players. He absolutely bossed the game, it was reminiscent of 2012 Iniesta. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how he plays and it was one of those days against Deportivo. It seems like he’s put last season behind him and is flourishing under Valverde. We’ll need this magical form from him next week at the Bernabeu.

Paco Alcácer: Started the game but before he could make any impact, he got injured and had to be subbed off. Tough to take after playing well recently and just before the Clasico. Here’s hoping he’ll be back soon.

Lionel Messi (7): Probably the worst performance in a Barça shirt when it comes to finishing but looked solid, created for his teammates throughout the game. Deportivo haven’t marked him well and he constantly found himself in good positions but couldn’t finish. On any other day, he would’ve finished this game on a hat-trick at the very least. Missed a penalty as well, although it should’ve been retaken since the GK was way off his line. Managed to assist (200th in a Barça shirt). Let’s hope the luck will be on his side at the Bernabeu after a game like this.

Luis Suárez (7): Slowly starting to get back to his best. Involved from the start and looked fresh compared to most of the games this season. Still got dispossessed quite a lot and wasn’t the best on the ball but he always looked active and dangerous. Scored 2 but could’ve easily scored 3 or 4, missed some chances he should be finishing. Got denied a perfectly legal goal after his rabona shot went past the line but all the referees somehow missed it (yes, it happened again). We’ll need more of this next weekend.

Aleix Vidal (6): Replaced Paco who got injured early on. He hasn’t done much, managed to miss one big chance and create one. Did well without the ball, helped the team in pressing. Passing was fine but misplaced some easy ones and the decision making could’ve been better at times.

André Gomes: Subbed on for Iniesta after 60 minutes, he actually played decent but you can see he is still a bit rusty after his injury. Some decisions were a bit too slow though its clear he’s playing with more confidence. He needs to work on his ball retention and not getting dispossessed a lot but he’s improving slowly.

Lucas Digne: Came on for Alba with 10 minutes left, there isn’t really anything to note. A few passes and around 10 touches.

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