Marc-Andre ter Stegen (7): Had a decent game. On the goal he couldn’t do much, but his blunder before they scored could’ve been prevented although he did manage to make a top save after it. Passing for the most part was fine and wasn’t really tested too much. Roma didn’t really get many clear chances.

Nélson Semedo (7): Solid performance from the Portuguese. He got on the ball quite a lot early on and created problems for Roma down the right but his final passes and crosses weren’t great. Defensively, he was solid for the most part. He got caught out of position a few times but managed to recover with his pace. He can do even better once he adapts properly, let’s hope he’ll gain some consistency from now on.

Gerard Piqué (8): MOTM performance. Impressive from the start, he was rock solid at the back. Roma managed to get in good positions at times but he was always there to clear the danger. Great in the air as well. Passing was solid as usual. Scored in the 2nd half to make it 3-0, after some great work from Messi and Suárez. Not much he could do on Roma’s goal.

Samuel Umtiti (6.5): Had a rather mixed game once again. Some really great periods and some really bad ones. Passing as you’d expect was of a good level. He played a massive part in the second goal, he should’ve finished that himself but the ball ended up going in. At times he had difficulty dealing with some of Roma’s attacks and maybe he could’ve been a bit more aware on the Dzeko goal but it proved to be mere consolation. He really needs to up his game again, we’re seeing more and more errors from him.

Jordi Alba (6.5): Had quite a decent game. I thought he was good going forward, although his final ball could’ve been a bit better. Regardless of this, he managed 4 key passes. On the Roma goal, maybe he could’ve done better but it was kind of a given that Dzeko could hold him off. What I found most surprising was that he didn’t complete 1 dribble. It has to be said that for the most part he wasn’t challenged defensively, Roma mostly attacked down our right side.

Sergio Busquets (6.5): Returned from the injury and did well while he was on the pitch. Passing was great, managed 3 key passes which is more than he usually does. Only misplaced 2 passes the entire game. Did well under pressure, the midfield are was overcrowded by both teams earlier in the 1st half but he always found a solution. Asked to be subbed off after 67 minutes because he felt some discomfort. Here’s hoping it’s nothing major.

Ivan Rakitić (7): One of the best players on the pitch. It’s impressive he performs given the fact he barely got any rest this season. That being said, he’s still limited when it comes to creativity which we saw in the 1st half but his work off the ball was great once again. Almost got himself on the scoresheet, but his shot hit the post. Managed 4 interceptions and it looked like he was the engine off the ball when the rest of the midfield looked exhausted. He’s one of the players who will need rest in the league games if we want to go all the way in the CL.

Andres Iniesta (7): Had a good game once again. He completed all of his dribbles which is something nobody is surprised about. His defensive game was called upon once again, he managed 1 tackle and 2 interceptions. I’ve said this before but his defensive game is very underrated. Going forward he did cause Roma problems but nothing really came of it. 1 key pass from the midfield maestro. He was subbed off late into the game for Denis. We’ll need to keep him rested for the second leg and the bigger games coming up.

Sergi Roberto (6.5): Made to play as a RM and it was an alright game from him. Some good moments and some bad. He and Semedo were targeted by Roma and that’s where most of their attacks came from. He did well to assist Semedo but sometimes they were unable to deal with their counters. His role was more of a defensive one, illustrated by his 5 tackles compared to his 1 key pass. It wasn’t a bad game from him but he could’ve done better. With the current scoreline, no one is complaining.

Lionel Messi (7): Got on the ball quite a lot and often in dangerous positions, but it looked like the fatigue got to him whenever he had to finish the move. He didn’t look fresh on the pitch for the most part and got dispossessed more often than usual. That being said, he was still involved in most chances Barça created and all the goals. His pass to Suárez leading to Piqué’s goal was spectacular. Had a couple of chances to get on the scoresheet, but finishing was the best and it looked like he ran out of gas any time he had to finish the move. He should be rested in some league games, without Messi at his best we have no chance in the CL.

Luis Suárez (6.5): Mixed performance. He did well off the ball and his movement was great but he could’ve done better on the ball, especially in the 1st half. Had a few chances he should’ve scored from and it seemed like he will never get his 1st CL goal this season. Luckily, that changed in the 2nd half after some clumsy defending from Roma in the box, he was there to finish the move and make it 4-1. We’ll need a better output from him for the rest of the CL campaign, needs to be finishing his chances.

Paulinho: Replaced Busquets in the last 20 minutes. He didn’t do much, as usual. Didn’t misplace his passes but most of his passes were safe backwards passes. The most frustrating part to watch was him not tracking back much and not doing enough off the ball even though he was supposed to bring some energy off the bench.

André Gomes: Replaced Sergi with a few minutes left, he didn’t really do much except give away a foul. It wasn’t unexpected that he didn’t influence the game. The game firmly in our control by this time.

Denis Suárez: Denis replaced Iniesta with 5 or less minutes left on the clock, he played a good role in the 4th goal, with a bit of fortune. He made a nice cameo but needs to not lose the ball too often.

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