Marc-Andre ter Stegen (6): One of our best performers which wasn’t a hard feat to pull off. Early on he kept us in the game but it got too much and the PSG pressure finally tolled. None of the goals were the fault of his bar maybe the first one which he could’ve done better. Passing was really solid and this is surprising since PSG pressed so well. A game to put behind his back and move forward. No point dwelling on something you had no control over.

Sergi Roberto (3): Awful match, just like the rest of the team. Couldn’t cope with Draxler and terrible under pressure. Added nothing at all going forward. Passing was fine but no risks taken going forward. Perhaps the team’s tactical issues made it all look even worse, but it was a shocking performance.

Gerard Piqué (5): Barça’s best defender in what was an awful performance by the team. It’s hard to personally blame him for anything in this match as the team looked awful both on the ball and without the ball and PSG punished everything. He passed the ball well and did well under pressure. Defensively, he had a couple of good reactions but it was hard for him to defend so much space, the team defended awfully without the ball.

Samuel Umtiti (4.5): Dreadful game from the Frenchman. We don’t hear that too often. Rash challenge to give away the FK that led to the first goal. On the second goal, he came too narrow which allowed Draxler too much space. Passing was solid as we have been accustomed to but most of them were sidewards. 2 defensive actions all game is very poor though completed both of them. He could’ve got one away goal but missed his header from point blank.

Jordi Alba (4): It seemed as if he wasn’t on the pitch for the most part. PSG did 52% of their attacks down Sergi Roberto’s side. He made one wonderful tackle to stop PSG adding another goal to what they already had. On the 3rd goal, he could’ve done a lot better. The goal doesn’t happen if he tracks Di Maria rather than running away from him. He managed to create one chance today which is absurd. Passing was ok but for the most part he didn’t contribute much regardless of how many touches he had.

Sergio Busquets (4): Poor performance, nothing like we’re used to seeing from him. It wasn’t entirely his fault though, as the team was set up poorly. He did pass the ball well but often had no options and the midfield looked disjointed. PSG’s great pressing didn’t allow him time on the ball and forced him into mistakes. Defensively, he got overrun by PSG midfielders. Couldn’t defend so much space that was there for the taking. A game he’ll want to forget quickly.

André Gomes (3.5): Very poor from the Portuguese. Didn’t position himself well on the pitch and even when he was on the ball, he didn’t seem to make right decisions. Got overrun easily by PSG’s midfielders and didn’t do much defensively. Had the best chance of the game, PSG’s keeper did well to save it but he could’ve done better. Just like with the rest of the team, it’s hard to blame him personally as the team lacked basics in this match and got outclassed tactically. Subbed off after 60 minutes.

Andres Iniesta (4.5): By his standards this was a poor game. Perhaps him not having enough games under his belt since returning from injury could’ve played a part. You can’t expect him to fix everything when there are 4+ players underperforming at the same time. To even my surprise, he failed to complete 1 take on which I don’t think I’ve ever seen. Passing on the whole was solid but didn’t really equate to much at all. He was subbed for Rakitić with 15 or so minutes to go.

Lionel Messi (4): One of the worst games we’ve seen in his entire career. Although the team got outclassed from the tactical point of view, and he often received the ball surrounded with numerous PSG players, he also made some mistakes we usually never see from him. Got dispossessed quite easily at times, PSG’s 2nd goal came after he got dispossessed which isn’t typical of him. Passing wasn’t the best. Positioned himself centrally once again but there was no link up play on the right side whatsoever and the team didn’t look like a unit. Looked very frustrated throughout the match. A game to forget.

Luis Suárez (4): Not much to say about his performance. Looked very isolated throughout the game and didn’t receive the ball in dangerous areas at all. Hasn’t attempted a single shot on goal, that says it all about this frustrating match. He tried applying pressure to PSG’s back 4 but couldn’t do much. It looked like Barça played without a striker in this game, not much would’ve been different.

Neymar (6): The only player other than ter Stegen to put a performance in, though it may not have been his best, it was better than all other Barça players. His crossing was absolutely woeful. He didn’t even complete one of the seven he attempted. Dribbling however wasn’t too bad. Though he completed 50% of his take ons. The dribbles did seem to cause PSG problems. One of these led to the Gomes chance which should’ve been 1-1, but it wasn’t to be. He didn’t help going back. Not a great game but he was the only player that tried to make something happen.

Rafinha: Replaced Gomes in the last 30 minutes of the game but not.much has changed. Positioned wide for the most part, he didn’t contribute much in the buildup. He did receive the ball in dangerous areas a couple of times but couldn’t do much.

Ivan Rakitić: Replaced Iniesta late on into the game, it must be said he did bring some energy to the team but it is far too late to change the tide of the tie. He attempted more tackles (winning 75% of them) in 15 minutes than Umtiti did in 90 mins. Quite telling. However, he did lose all his aerial duels oddly. I thought this was the perfect game for Gomes to start which in hindsight was the wrong decision. I wonder how much difference he would’ve made if he had started. I’m sure he could’ve scored the chance Gomes missed to make it 1-1.

Referee Szymon Marciniak (5): This is the first time the Polish referee has had to manage a game with either of these 2 teams. He started off well by booking Rabiot deservedly but as the game went on he became more lenient with fouls PSG committed, even if that didn't affect the outcome of the match. Neymar was fouled pretty often and as was Messi yet either he didn’t call a foul or didn’t issue a yellow. It must be said that all of Barcelona’s booking was justified and perhaps he missed a booking on Umtiti with a foul for the first goal. He had control of the game but wasn’t consistent on giving fouls and bookings, especially when it came to little niggles and shirt pulling.

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