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Suárez completes one hundred wonderful appearances for Barça

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Suárez completes one hundred wonderful appearances for Barça

The Uruguayan has excelled as having the best ever record among Barça strikers since he joined the club

Nobody ever questioned his ability as a striker, but Luis Suárez still joined Barcelona with a lot of controversy after the incident of him biting Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup. But as time went on and Suárez started to settle in at the club, the controversies began to wash away with masterclasses from the Uruguayan.

And look at him now, after making 100 official appearances for FC Barcelona, Suárez has won 80 games (80% win rate), a total number of 8 trophies, scoring 88 goals, assisting 43, and directly being involved in 131 goals scored by his team - Which is unbelievably impressive however you look at it!

One of the biggest admirers of Suárez and his stats, is the former Barcelona & Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry: “He is, by a distance, the best number nine in the world," Henry told Sky Sports. "Why? 88 goals and 43 assists in 100 games. The man has been involved in 131 goals. Where have you seen that from a striker?”

Henry also added mentioning the five-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi, and the three-time winner, Cristiano Ronaldo: “Now if you bring along Messi and Ronaldo, those guys are freaks, I don't count them. But for the mortals, Suarez is the best. People always compare and talk to me about who is the best. Suárez is the best. Leave it there. He is the best in the world as a striker.”

Suárez will turn 30 in January, but he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Barcelona knew they were getting a fantastic player when they signed Suarez in 2014/15, but it’s clear that the player has performed better than anyone of the club expected him to.

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