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Post-Match Comments: FC Barcelona vs BATE Borisov

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Post-Match Comments: FC Barcelona vs BATE Borisov

Luis Enrique commends the team's defensive discipline and Busquets' superb match

Luis Enrique

"I'm pleased with what I've seen. We could have been better but also worse and the squad has played well with intensity."

"We have to be pleased for ending another match without conceding. The fact that we are defending as a group produces this. This kind of result strengthens the defensive gear, we were aware that we needed to improve on this and we are working on it."

"In the second half we have improved in our positioning to be able to pressure after a loss ball and we have been more lucid in the last meters."

"The results are coming our way and the players are at a good level, but there's always evidence that we are missing Messi."

"Rakitic's injury is the unpleasant news of the match. He won't be available against Villarreal and I hope he gets well soon. If we knew the reason [of the injuries], we would change. But there are footballers that play many minutes, they play in their national teams and they're important and cannot rest. We try to take care of ourselves, but it's complicated."

About ter Stegen's audacious play: "I'm not bothered with the play. He has the confidence to do it and I'll talk to him. I'm not going to make a public trial whether what he has done today is good or not."

"Busquets has done a perfect match. You can't be better placed on the pitch and choose better. He's at a high level. His game was spectacular."

About Sandro's and Munir's latest appearances: "They are under a lot of pressure, but these are the minutes they have. Even so, I'm pleased with their performances."

"We haven't had any doubts about regaining our effectiveness because of the quality of the players up front."

Dani Alves

About Rakitic's injury: "It's the attrition of competing at a high level for so long. It happens in football in general. We are human beings."

"It's amazing how our strikers get along on and off the field, and we enjoy them."


"We missed Leo, who is the best player in the world. But I'm living a great moment, the best one in my life and I hope to continue this way."

"Half the goal [Barcelona's third] belongs to Suárez. He's a crack and he's in a great shape."


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Source: El País, FC Barcelona