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Post-Match Comments: Betis vs FC Barcelona

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Post-Match Comments: Betis vs FC Barcelona

Ivan Rakitic: "We want to win whatever it takes, but always remembering that we are Barça."

Luis Enrique: "The league title is closer. We didn’t suffer at all in this match. The first half was a case of wearing them down and in the second we came out and finished the job. We are still top and not depending on other results going our way, so now we just have to focus on winning the two games we have left.

It’s been an incredible improvement. We defended like beasts and they only managed to create one chance. We have worked hard on defence all week. We need to limit the opposition’s chances because that way we have more for ourselves.

This game was about total control, and on a nice pitch, albeit a bit dry. They played it very tight in their own half, but I liked what my players did.

This is very difficult and highly competitive league. All three of us are having great seasons. We’re setting a very high standard, and I don’t think any of us are going to give anything up.

I never said we had won the league. We have to do our homework.

What we have to do is win both matches, focus on our own football and deal with games like we did today.

The Camp Nou will be packed for the game with Espanyol. The fans will be there for us because they know it’ll be a difficult game from start to finish."

Sergio Busquets: "It was a hard game because the pitch was so dry and we struggled to control possession. We had to find the right options, the right plays, and we did. The team needs to learn to get through games like this with all three points.·

When things work between the front three, it’s always better for us because it always means we have a better chance of the three points. We have to play as a team both in attack and defence.

We shall always remember Manel Vich as a legend at FC Barcelona."

Gerard Piqué: "Opponents play very tight at the back and no matter how hard we tried to get the ball moving fast, the field was too dry.

The next two teams we’re playing are in the battle against relegation, so it won’t be easy. The game with Espanyol is a derby and we have a history of difficult games against them. We’ll need to be at 100%.

We used up all the credit we’d saved. Now we can only win. The league is that much closer now, but there is still some way to go."

Ivan Rakitic: "It was a hard-fought victory. But we had faith in our football and stayed patient.

The pitch didn’t help much, but we did a good job at a difficult stadium. Betis create a lot of pressure, a lot of work has gone into their team. Leo, for the goal, raised his head and saw me, and then I got a bit lucky.

We’re leaders with just two league matches left to play. We want to win whatever it takes, but always remembering that we are Barça."

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