According to information from Cadena Ser, the accused parties and the prosecution are exploring a possible deal in the Neymar Case. This deal would consist in maintaining FC Barcelona, as a legal entity, indicted and clearing Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu of all charges.

Needless to say if the deal is made Barça would have to pay, as a minimum, the €13.9 million that the Tax Office is claiming were defrauded in the Neymar transfer.

The possibility that this deal is being negotiated would explain the delay in the presentation of the official accusations from the prosecution. The truth is that Judge Vilá Mayo hasn’t asked for these yet and judicial sources say that “when they’re doing something” they are allowed some extra time.

The Judge of the 22nd Investigative Court should have asked for these documents at the start of April, after they took hold of the case when the National Court ruled that it should be moved to Barcelona.

The previous accusations presented by the prosecution to the National Court can be read here. When it was decided that the case would be moved to Barcelona that meant that the local prosecutor in charge of the case would have to formulate those accusations again, this time in front of the court assigned to it there.

Barça has always maintained that the whole issue is just a case of fiscal discrepancy, more than a penal issue and they have “made a complementary tax declaration of a total of €13,550,830,56 Euros to cover any potential interpretation made concerning the contracts signed in the transfer process for Neymar, although we remain convinced that the original tax payment was in line with our fiscal obligations.”

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Source: Cadena Ser