FC Barcelona is still negotiating with new potential sponsors for the coming seasons. Nevertheless they had to begin to print their new shirt for the 2016-17 season without a sponsor on the front. Manel Arroyo – one of the club's vice presidents – revealed to Catalunya Radio that the first batch of shirts will be sold without a sponsor on the front.

Everything has been agreed with Nike and they understand the Club's situation. When the current shirts are all out of stock, the new shirts will appear in the shops, without a sponsor.

Arroyo also commented on the talks Barça are having with potential sponsors. “There will be a sponsor,” he added. “We are working on it – me and the commercial team. Everything is following the path it should. The only thing I can say is that to do our job well, we have to be discrete and silent regarding the negotiations.”

He said that among Qatar Airways, Pepsi is also a possibility. The clubs' representatives will be in Doha this weekend, where the Grand Prix is taking place to continue talks as they have been done in the past.

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Source: sport.es ccma.cat