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Messi thinks he's being specifically targeted by Spain's Tax Agency

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Messi thinks he's being specifically targeted by Spain's Tax Agency

According to Cadena Cope, the footballer feels persecuted

According to Cadena Cope, after being condemned to a suspended sentence of 21 months in jail for the crime of tax fraud, Lionel Messi thinks he's being targeted by Spain's state attorney Marta Silva de Lapuerta, a former Real Madrid board member.

The player supposedly thinks his image is being tarnished and he's being persecuted. The prosecution, most specifically the lawyer Raquel Amado, demanded Leo Messi to be exculpated, but it was Legal Services, namely their director Marta Silva de Lapuerta, who insisted that the player had to sit on the bench to answer for the tax fraud charges. This task was assigned to the lawyer Mario Maza, who, coincidentally, was been removed from his position 24 hours after the sentence was declared.

Marta Silva de Lapuerta is the Director of Spanish Judicial Service, in other words, the highest representative of the Tax Agency and the body of State Attorneys. She was the one who ordered Mario Maza to continue with the accusation of Leo Messi, exculpated by the prosecution.

She’s the daughter of the Francoist Minister of Public Works, Federico Silva Muñoz (1965-70) and niece of the ex-Treasurer of the Popular Party, Álvaro Lapuerta, involved in the “Gürtel case”

Her labor as the highest representative of the Tax Agency was more than questioned when she found no reasons to accuse Infanta Cristina of tax felony, a former bank director and part of Spain's royalty.

Mario Maza was one of the 14 State Attorneys who defended the interests of the Tax Agency in Barcelona. During the trial against Leo and Jorge Messi, Maza compared the Argentinian star with a mob boss. His words were:

“It’s the same as the head of a criminal structure, because in every criminal structure there are grades of hierarchy, and in every criminal structure there’s a division of roles, and on top of all, there’s the bigwig, the big shot, and this one never hears from his underlings.”

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Source: Cadena COPE