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Messi: 'I’d love to play in Argentinian football someday'

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Messi: 'I’d love to play in Argentinian football someday'

The Blaugrana legend talks with El Planeta Urbano magazine about his love for the Argentinian league and National team

Lionel Messi’s career path has not been an easy ride. Separated from his country and family since before his teenage years, the little boy from Rosario endured with discipline and hope being away from the home he grew up in. Only a passion so intense for the game he loved could maintain a young boy on the journey to stardom.

Messi sat down with El Planeta Urbano magazine to reflect about these initials years in Barcelona: “From an early age, I made great sacrifices, a lot of efforts. I’ve always dreamt to succeed in what I like which was football, of being able to make a living out of this. And the truth is I had to go through many things during this whole path, and it was tough but I never stopped dreaming in what I wanted and thankfully I was able to achieve it”.

Is there any chance of you playing for River or any team other than Newell’s when you return to Argentina?

No, I explained that already. It was comment out of respect, nothing else. If I return to Argentina in the future, which I’d love to do so, that club would be Newell’s.

But you’re about to sign an extension of your contract with Barcelona, is there any hope for the Rosario’s club supporters?

No. As I said before, I don’t know when this will happen or if it’s going to happen at all. Now I’m focused in the day-to-day and if this happens it would be in several years. The truth is I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future so I can’t promise that I will return because that wouldn’t be honest from my part. What I can tell you for sure is that I would love to play again in the Argentinian league with Newell’s but that depends on a lot of factors.

You’re always achieving new sporting records, is it something natural for you?

Thank God I was always able to improve myself and achieve greater goals. I like what I do and I try to improve myself everyday and I only think about playing football. Everything that comes after this, it’s secondary. I enjoy my profession and I try to be better every single day and to keep obtaining the objectives.

Very often it has been said that you’re the best player in the history of the game, how does that make you feel?

Well, actually I don’t think about that. I feel the love and I appreciate it, I’m glad about the nice things that are being said and what I hear about me but as I told you before, I’m focused on enjoying what I like which is to play football and I try to be better each day, to keep learning, to not settle with the things I’ve achieved, to accomplish greater goals without thinking in other distractions. What has been said, it's the people’s comments and I only can be grateful about the nice things they said.

Is it now your main purpose to win the Copa América in the United States?

My purpose is always to win in everything I can, whether with Barcelona or with the national team. I believe this upcoming Copa América is a new chance for us, after being so close in the two last finals, a new chance is upon us which we will try to seize it and we will give our best to win it. It’s the whole squad’s dream which we are battling for even before the World Cup.

How do you see yourself for the next World Cup in Russia?

The fact of thinking about a new World Cup fills me with joy, I’m very grateful with my national team and especially I’m very happy to be part of it. I wish for this to continue for a long time and that we can achieve all the goals we have set up for ourselves.

What do you think is the magic that makes so special and unique Barcelona’s trident?

I think it’s the good relationship among us, not only within the trident members but in the whole locker room. The locker room’s humbleness of doing the work day in and day out and go out and play each match, give our best on each training session, the mindset of always wanting to improve ourselves and achieve great things. They are footballers who have won it all and yet they are still battling with the same drive as if they hadn’t won anything at all and I believe that makes the group stronger. I’m not just talking about the three of us but about the entire squad, I think it’s the most positive aspect and what I remark the most about us: our drive of keep achieving titles and the good environment we live every single day.

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