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Mascherano: 'I don't want to leave Barça with a bad taste in my mouth"

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Mascherano: 'I don't want to leave Barça with a bad taste in my mouth"

The Barça defender spoke with Olé about his future at the club

Mascherano was interviewed by Olé, an Argentinian newspaper, discussing his future at Barcelona and what could be his future.

"I have a contract. Same as what the sporting director said, we've been talking since January. Not only professionally but the personal stuff as well, a lot has happened to me. I have a great relationship with everyone. They know what my opinion is and what I think. And I've let them know. They've always treated me well, no complaints but sometimes there are things in the media and it's not they're fault nor mine, which make you re-think certain things. But I won't do anything to cloud my relationship with Barcelona which has always been very good. The day I leave the club, I don't want to leave with a bad taste in my mouth."

"There's always the possibility of leaving just like there is of staying. The club has let me know that they don't have any intentions of selling me, they're very happy with me. And when a club, even more so this club, puts you in these types of situations, it's difficult (to leave). Especially considering that I won't force anything. I don't deserve that and neither does the club. We'll see what happens..."

Mascherano also commented on his relationship with Argentina centre backs Nicolas Otamendi or Ramiro Funes Mori:

"Yes, obviously we talk. They're natural centre backs and they can give me a different vision on things. Everything I do, I have to think twice about it although now I do it more naturally. Obviously in the end one also plays with emotions involved, I know at times with Barcelona there are things I should be doing but because of my way of playing I also like to play my way."

"I know at times it would be much easier not to risk going in, to not play all or nothing but that wouldn't be me. Do I take risks? Yes, often, but well, they are risks I want to take because it's how I am, of how I feel football."

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