Luis Enrique spoke to the press about Barça's upcoming game versus Espanyol and about the Champions League semifinals against Bayern Munich. Here are his most important statements:

  • "I dedicated three minutes of my time to watching the draw, now my only focus are the three league games ahead of the first leg."
  • "It will be very special as it sees the return of Pep to the Camp Nou, he’ll be taking on what used to be his players. It will be great. I don’t mind how the draw worked out regarding first legs at home. We've had 10 games in the Champions League and won nine and lost one. It's the same whether we are home or away first. We’ll aim to win both games and have clear ideas of what we need to do."
  • "Bayern hopes to win three titles, just like us and they have the best coach. Pep is the best for the titles he has won, for the way he won them, in the way he’s adapted to another country, picked up the language, the values he transmits and because he’s my friend and my friends are the best."
  • "You never know if you are better than Bayern over one, two or four games. Football is full of surprises. I don’t want to focus any more on the Champions League draw. I know you in the media all love it and it will be special as it's Pep against Barça. It will be special for us all."
  • "In the semifinal of the Champions League there are no easy rivals."
  • "In a draw like this I always think that it's bad luck for the team that gets drawn against Barça."
  • "There is only one game and it's the one this Saturday. It's a derby, with everything that it means for the fans. It’s a key day for us."
  • "In every game I feel like we are playing for more than the three points. This game will give us the oportunity to reinforce our position as a leader. I think that the situation in the league will continue to be close until the end and that we are playing for everything in every round."
  • "Víctor Sánchez is an important player for them. We know him well because we developed him. Many times when a player is missing, the one who replaces him is very motivated to prove himself, so what could seem like an advantage for us ends up being a disadvantage. We have to be intense, because that's what the opponent requires of us and we have to be aware of what we're playing for."
  • "Espanyol defends as a team, if you want to beat them you have to play a good game. I'm worried about Sergio García, who is their best player and about their transitions. It will be a good game and a stimulating one for us. A Derbi has a special connotation."
  • "Espanyol's ground is always hostile to us and that is a good thing at this point in the league."
  • "We are able to win all the six games that are left in the league, but it will be difficult. I think that teams at the top will drop points, but I hope we win every game."
  • "The mood the team is in is key. I see the team in a very good state, very focused. We are in a positive dynamic."
  • "The team is in good physical shape thanks to everyone. The medical staff, the physios, the trainers and the players who are very careful with what they do. You also need a bit of luck."
  • "One extra day of rest is very noticeable. The team was in good shape today during training."

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Source: FC Barcelona