Luis Enrique spoke to the press about Barça's upcoming game against Getafe. Here are his most important statements:

  • "Vermaelen's recovery is great news. He arrived injured and has overcome his physical problems with hard work from everyone, particularly him. He’ll fight for a place, he’s got competition for his position and no doubt he’ll help us whether from inside or outside the pitch. He has to earn his spot on the training field, he is not above or below anyone."
  • "The players are aware of the difficulty in beating every rival. We haven't relaxed and we haven't looked relaxed in any game. We need to be professional, disciplined and offensive because our opponents don’t give up."
  • "It’s hard to predict if we'll win the five games that are left in the league. Winning tomorrow is vital. After that I don’t know what will happen. First we are going for the three points tomorrow, which are decisive."
  • "Bayern have had a spectacular campaign, but I can’t evaluate the effect that winning their league will have on our upcoming Champions League tie. I don’t think it will be decisive."
  • "The game against Espanyol was an important match, because of the points and because it was the derby, but Real Madrid are very close, something I never doubted. It’s in our hands. We need to keep doing things well."
  • "For me, there’s no such thing as doing enough at a club like FC Barcelona, you need to go for everything, which is winning titles and I also think that winning them would be fair given what we’ve seen so far. The titles would show what we’ve done."
  • "Rafinha had a great season, he’s made more appearances at certain times. He’s got a lot of competition and will continue his learning process."
  • "The only certain thing is that there is little difference between us and Madrid and that it is going to be really close until the end. I don’t think we should make the mistake of looking beyond tomorrow. Getafe is a key game to win the league."
  • "For any side the Camp Nou is a showcase. Last year Getafe played a bad joke on us at home and in the first half of the league we couldn’t beat them. They have a solid defense and quality. Last year's game is a reference point, just as the first match of this season is. We need to approach the game really professionally."
  • "The main thing is that we all respect each other. Refereeing is incredibly difficult. We need to be aware and understand the pressure the person is under."
  • "Injuries due to knocks happen, and that has to do with luck and also training methods. But you can use a method one year and have no injuries and the same method the next year and have injuries."
  • "I’m a coach and I do my job. I’d like to give all the players more playing time, recognize their work, their help in training, how they improve the team. But I do not owe anyone anything. I'm just doing my job, which is to choose the players that would help us win any particular game."
  • "Bravo didn’t come to replace Valdés, Marc came in also. He’s an experienced player, secure, he’s competent at everything, relaxed and good with his feet. He has the qualities you need to be a Barcelona 'keeper."
  • "His teammates welcomed Vermaelen with a huge round of applause. The problem with fitting everyone is mine, not the players'."
  • "I watched Celta Vigo - Real Madrid and it was just like I expected: An intense match between two great teams. It was a fantastic show. Celta and their coach are worthy of praise. It was a great game. I loved it. I would have preferred another result, but Real Madrid are a great side."
  • "Before, when I was in the stands, I enjoyed watching Barça play even more. When you’re a coach it’s different. You enjoy seeing how they play, but when you’ve got the victory you’re already thinking about the next opponents."

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Source: FC Barcelona