Tuesday’s game was Luis Enrique’s 50th game at Barcelona’s helm, advancing to the Champions League semifinals due to “the strong beginning.” “The players have performed as required” he stated and qualified the starting pression as “almost perfect.”

Lucho praised the players especially for their display in defense: “Defending in the opposition’s half of the pitch gives us many options to recover the ball quickly and create chances. To achieve this we need everybody’s commitment to uphold as a block and we are doing precisely so every week.”

The Asturian sees Barça with good options for the titles, but was cautious about the possible treble inquiries: “I do not dare to guarantee such a feat, but it is a wish. I wish the best were yet to come. We still have a difficult road ahead in the league, any rival in the Champions League semifinals will be tough and there is another team on the Copa del Rey final waiting for us. We are where we wanted to be, now we have to wrap it all up,” he added.

Regarding Iniesta’s substitution at halftime he explained that “No precaution is too small” due to the Spaniard's recent back injury and he concluded that “the main purpose now it is to be among Europe’s best two squads.”

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Source: fcbarcelona.cat