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Jordi Cruyff: 'Johan isn't just ours, he belongs to everyone'

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Jordi Cruyff: 'Johan isn't just ours, he belongs to everyone'

Cruyff's son Jordi spoke about his father before the closing of the memorial today

In a public statement made in the Ricard Maxenchs pressroom at the Camp Nou, Jordi Cruyff, son of the blaugrana legend Johan Cruyff, expressed the gratitude of his family for the messages received after the death of his father. This was his message:

“Thank you for coming, this is obviously a reason for sadness in my family, but I want to say something in the name of my mother and my sisters for the signs of respect that we’ve received in these last days. My father wanted everything to be very private so he said that his funeral will only be attended by 15 people, but we have understood that Johan is not just ours, he belongs to everyone. This is why we have agreed to memorial acts like the one today. We know that a lot of people loved my father, especially football fans, school kids or members of his foundation.

For my father and my mother, I want to thank Doctor Tramullas, who is a family friend and chose the group of doctors that did an exceptional job, helping us to fight the illness with mixed feelings between the personal love and the professionality. We’ll always be thankful. To the nurses and the staff at the Teknon center, who were very discreet and kind. And I want to thank the media for the respect shown to us from the day my dad was diagnosed to this day. 99% of the media has known how to show us the respect this kind of situation deserves. Privacy is what you value the most in moments like this. Thank you for this.

I also want to thank the club for giving us access to its facilities and for all the memorial activities that have planned, always with the complicity of the family, with respect and agreement. With Barça we have had harmony, complicity and mutual respect.

I want to mention that there has been a final embrace with Barcelona. You all know that the work Johan Cruyff Foundation was the most important thing to my father, he dedicated a lot of energy and time to this. There has been a precious final agreement between his foundation, FC Barcelona’s foundation and the Obra Social of La Caixa. It’s the last thing he signed and one of the most special ones too. We know how proud he was of this agreement and as a family we will take care of this legacy we will work to the maximum for the kids at the Foundation because he was very proud of this deal that was the final embrace between him and the club. It came late, but it came just in time.

We also want to thank all the memorials that have been done around the world. It’s incredible that there has been such a response in so many places, that he was an inspiration for so many people, not just in the football world. It’s a shame that he’s not here to see it, but the family is very proud to see how the world has reacted to the news. Barça, Ajax and the Dutch national team were his football loves and it’s nice to see that these entities have shown us support. We know that my father was difficult with the executives, but he felt an enormous love for these entities, the fans and the people that worked there, from the kit manager to the goalkeeper coach to everyone.

Johan isn’t just ours (of the family), he belongs to everyone. I hope that the message he wanted to send is maintained.

Thank you.”

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