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Gerard Piqué attacks La Liga's President after the match vs Villarreal

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Gerard Piqué attacks La Liga's President after the match vs Villarreal

The Catalan defender was critical again with the refereeing in the match versus Villarreal

Gerard Piqué is not the type of player who bites his tongue about the refereeing controversies. After the final whistle at El Madrigal, the Barça centre-back was blunt about the events during the match: “I’m still thinking the same as the other day in Bilbao. But you have to be very careful because they analyze everything. Let them analyze and lose their time on it, they have every right to do so.”

Piqué then continued: “There were two clear handballs, I also saw the one from Mascherano but if we compare intentions...the intention in one play and the intention in the other...but well they analyze everything, so I’m not going to speak about it. Obviously, I still believe in what I said and think they’re proving me right every week. You can see by yourselves, you don’t need to ask me to know my opinion, you can see it clearly. They can sell it the way they like but I think it’s pretty clear what has happened today on the pitch.”

The Blaugrana player also commented about the clash against the Yellow Submarine: “We have played much better than them and clearly deserved to win. There have been aspects we have been infinitely better than the rival but it wasn’t for us today. We have played a great match, obviously we’re at full speed but the team has played a very calm game from the kickoff until the final minute. Ultimately, we couldn’t win but we’re gonna keep trying. The league is not lost at all, I’m convinced we can turn things around”.

Piqué left space for some self-criticism, though: “We can still win the league title but first, we have to change many things”, he concluded.

Piqué faces up with La Liga president, Javier Tebas

According to some media outlets such as RAC1 and Onda Cero, immediately after the game ended Gerard Piqué pointed at La Liga president Javier Tebas who was in the stands and shouted: “Have you seen it? Yes, you, you”, in reference to the two handballs in the area by the Valencian side.

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